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Keyblade Card - Rockstar Pizza

A Keybladed modeled after Helpy and Candy Cadet from Five Nights at Freddy's: Pizzeria Simulator! The Keyblade is designed to increase Pizza Spells! I mean Fire Spells! The hilt of the blade is designed after Candy Cadet, forming the guard with its color indicators and the black tubing. The shaft of the blade is made to represent the colors of Helpy, with clamps to represent the trap nature of the game for the antagonists. Along this shaft is the stars of the Rockstar Animatronics. At the top of this shaft is another hat, but this time coming from Ned Bear, an off brand version of Freddy. The teeth is a reference back to the first Keyblade, and the beginning of the game, some Pizza! The token is that of Helpy, the miniature animatronic that assists the player in legal troubles. The name comes from the Rockstar Animatronics, along with pizza. The world logo comes from the designs scene in the opening of the game.

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