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Keyblade Card - Kuhtaamia

KUHTAAMIA - A Keyblade designed after the wooden, bone and stone crafts seen in the Prey film! This Keyblade is designed to have increased ranged attacks. The cross guard of the blade is designed after the Feral Predator's unique bone-like mask that continues to a series of bone like shards to form the hilt guard, all with the unique Predator blood forming down. The shaft of the blade is formed from Naru's hand axe, with an added paint job of her face paint style and the predator's blood, the axe head forms the teeth of the blade with a feather forming a counter balance. The token is that of the medicinal Orange totsiyaa, an orange flower used to lower a body's temperature to help slow blood flow with an open wound, to which Naru uses to become invisible to the Predator. The world logo is a recreation of the ending credits sequence, and named after the fact that the Comanche are the main protagonists. The name comes from hunting right that Naru wants to enact; hunting something that is hunting yourself.

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