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The official Kingdom Hearts blog, Message from the KINGDOM, has updated with a new blog post concerning additions to Kingdom Hearts Mobile. This update includes new pictures and ringtones, available to download from the Avatar Kingdom. Images of this can be seen below, in our gallery.

Avatar Kingdom is a service of Kingdom Hearts Mobile, available on phones sold in Japan. Let us know what you think about Mobile by commenting below!

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^ yea i have a feelin we're gonna get screwed over on this one!

that or well have to wait like TEN yrs for it to be remade


How can you remake "Mobile"? It's not an actually game or anything.

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I think he meant remade in the US.


But how could it be remade in the US? What they can do is change the Japanese text to English. That's what they do with every KH game. That's not remaking it. Technically, the only way they could "remake" is if they gave it a complete makeover, in which case it could almost be something completely different.

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