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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Famitsu.com article.


Famitsu.com have updated with an article concerning the upcoming Kingdom Hearts game for PSP, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. This article includes previously seen screenshots in higher quality, which you can view below, in our gallery. Also, KH-Vids.Net have translated this article, and you can read their translation below.

Famitsu.com, 27.07.09

Famitsu.com, 27.07.09

All images are from Famitsu.com.

Birth By Sleep is the latest project for an action RPG game titled as "Kingdom Hearts" to boost the worldwide popularity. Three characters/heroes (Terra, Ven, and the Aqua) can be operated wit their own kind of story. They are chasing Master Xehanort while moving around worlds. In order to complete the game, you must play as each character. Once you beat the game as each character, the puzzle will connect.

A Young person to have a sword as the shape of the keyblade. Terra seems to fight for a friend, but keeps it a secret. This character is very calm. Terra is able to shoot a powerful blows in battle and to prevail over one's enemies.

The pet name is Ven. Ventus excels in the speed of the movement and the attack, and moving around makes the best use of the speed that becomes a key in battle. Ventus appears to be smaller then the other two.

This is a character that is very serious, and it is the best when it comes down to trustworthy in the three main characters. Aqua seems to always worry about the other two. In battle, a magnificent action to make the keyblade and magic cooperate is shown.

Tera is the one that is searching for Master Xehanort. Ven is the one that is running after him and, Aqua is the one that worries about the two of them. The three of these characters are not together, and act basically separately. However, when they meet again on the way, information and clues are exchanged.

The worlds of the Disney must become part of the story in the "Kingdom Hearts" series. The world of Cinderella becomes the series first appearance and "Castle of Dreams" are seen in this Composition.

Guarding is also something that takes place in Cinderella. In the world of 'Cinderella', Terra defends Cinderella in a mission. After Terra moves from Cinderella momentarily, the enemy is swept away by "Last dance" when succeeding in inputting the command.

Stich was first active in Kingdom Hearts: II as a summon, but now his world "Deep Space" has made the final cut for the game. "The prototype Number 626" is Stich's name before meeting the girl Lilo by Terra.

"Kingdom Hearts" The most refreshing battle system in history.
The battle system of this work is the one that "It is an easy operation and refreshing battle." this is also where the concept of the series was developed further. You can enjoy the battle that changes variously only hitting the button repeatedly. The "Command style" changes, and a big feature according to those who fight the technique etc, can show changes.

In "Base command", a basic attack such as "Fight" can be used. Continuous tricks to the style are added when the command style changes and when the style doesn't change, the finish command is added.

The technique of magic can be moved with the button that's called "Deck command". It' possible to use it again in the time, though it becomes impossible to show the technique by entering the state of the charge if the command is used once.

The "command" gauge under the left of the screen rises when the enemy is damaged by using the deck command and the base command. It diverges when the gauge becomes the maximum to whether the command style changes or "Finish command" moves it.

The command used in the process where the gauge collects influence the change in the style. The style changes only when the command used meets the requirement because of the change into a certain style, and after the style changes, it comes to use a technique and etc.

As for the kind of the command style, a lot of performances are also different. There seems to be one unique performance for one character and another common one to two or three people. In "Felt-tipped marker wish" in the photograph, are the command styles only for Terra.

A strong finish command can be moved when the gauge is not filling it with the condition of the style change when it is the maximum. It evolves to the finish command stronger when it meets a certain requirement. It also has the technique with special effects to stop the enemy movement and etc.

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