Birth by Sleep King Mickey Vinimate available exclusively at GameStop stores; Series 1 Vinimates released; more information about upcoming DST figures revealed


Diamond Select Toys is back with a new Kingdom Hearts figure from its Vinimates series! They have announced that a new King Mickey Vinimate, with his Birth by Sleep outfit, is available to purchase exclusively at GameStop stores. This figure was first shown off last year at the New York Comic Con.


You can see the pictures of the Birth by Sleep King Mickey below figure below.


Diamond Select Toys have also announced that the Series 1 Vinimates have released today! You can buy them at comic shops local to you, or order them online.


You can take a look at the Kingdom Hearts Vinimates Series 1 figures below.



Diamond Select Toys also have a Kingdom Hearts Vinimates Series 2 set to release in Spring 2018; the DST Amazon account is, however, listing the Space Paranoids Sora, Pete, and Organization Mickey Vinimates for release on August 29, 2018. Other sellers, such as AmiAmi and BigBadToyStore, are showing a provisional release for July 2018.


Lastly, over the past couple of months, Diamond Select Toys have answered fans' questions regarding the future of the Kingdom Hearts DST collection. You can read them below.

Matthew C.

For the Kingdom Hearts line, will we be getting Riku, Kairi and Terra? What are the chances of getting a new Axel from DDD?



Right now, we have roughed in the character list for five series of figures, so as long as there is fan support and Disney likes the list, we’re going to at least go well through 2018 with this line. As for who we cover, I can’t say for sure right now.



Michael A.

Hey DST! I have been collecting the Marvel Selects for a few years and now i am loving your new Kingdom Hearts line! My question is about those. I know we just got Wave 2 announced, but i wanted to know if you guys had any plans (if even the license) to do the Final Fantasy series characters in their KH appearances? Especially Cloud and Leon. Thanks!



We are keeping information like that close to the vest, as the situation with Disney changes often. BUT as of now, no, we do not have rights to those two characters.



Jeremiah J.

Hello, I am a big fan of the DST Kingdom Hearts figures. The announced series 2 lineup sounds great! I note that the Disney characters being released so far are all Mickey centric and from that line of characters (Mickey, Pluto, Donald, Goofy, Pete, Chip/Dale). Will Other Disney characters be made in this line beyond Mickey and his Pals? Disney movie specific characters (like the Maleficent and Jafar that were sculpted and on display at Toyfair)? Thank you!



We are going to do as many of the characters in the game as we are allowed, and as sales supports. Including game-only characters, world-specific versions and Disney on-model looks.





Jeremiah J.

Hello, I just saw the Kingdom Hearts Series 2 listing and I couldn’t pre-order fast enough! Upon closer inspection of the figures I had a few questions:

1) How tall is Pete? Is he going to be a larger figure?

2) It appears that Pete, Donald and Goofy have no elbow articulation. Are these prototypes? Is articulation being added?

3) Will Pete’s legs have articulation? Will they be able to move back and forth?

4) No weapons were shown, but previously it was announced that Donald would have a mage staff, Goofy a shield, Roxas the Oathkeeper keyblade, and Aqua the Rainfell Keyblade, is that still the case?

A lot of questions, I apologize. Keep up the good work!



1) Pete is pretty big, I would say he is about 7 inches.

2) They are prototypes, but Goofy will not have elbow articulation.

3) Yes, Pete’s legs are articulated in production.

4) The figures will come with some weapons. They’re hard to pose with the prototypes, due to the materials used. Hopefully we will have more flexible production samples we can shoot soon.

Keep the questions coming — it just means you care about the line!




Other lines of Kingdom Hearts figures by Diamond Select include:

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Thanks for showing this to us, Aquaberry!


Ah, so many Kingdom Hearts collectibles continue to be announced! I'm really happy that KH is getting more widespread popularity, because it certainly deserves it! :D

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