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Bret Iwan and Bill Farmer talk briefly about recording for Kingdom Hearts III at "The Voices of the Fab 3" session at Destination D

Destination D Celebrating Mickey Mouse is a D23 members-exclusive event to celebrate the 90th birthday of Mickey Mouse. It's an event that shares updates about Disney resorts around the world, reveals behind the scenes experiences from different Disney movies and other media, display engaging exhibits, and present exclusive merchandise.  
The event this year is from Friday November 16 to Sunday, November 18.

On Saturday, voice actors Bret Iwan and Bill Farmer, who have voiced Goofy and Mickey in the Kingdom Hearts series, took part in an interview for a look back at the voices of Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto through the years, and learn what it’s like to voice some of the world’s most iconic characters. Kingdom Hearts III made an appearance as well, seeing how it's set to release in January.

Translations are as follow. Thanks to KH13 Staff Mio-chan for the translations!


“Misters Bret Iwan and Farmer’s session. Unlike others games, Kingdom Hearts originated from Japan. The Japanese voice acting are used as a reference for other dubs. Donald’s voice actors are good at it, Goofy’s sound a little strange. [Note: This is what Farmer said in his own words]"

“We recorded a thousands lines of dialogue, but we don’t understand the story at all, so even if we’re asked to we can’t even spoil it.”

You can find some pictures of the session in the album below.


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Thanks for sharing this with us, KHWaterBlock!

I think it's awesome that Bret and Bill got a chance to talk about their roles in Kingdom Hearts and the process of dubbing and whatnot! Gahhh, I'm so excited to hear their voicework once KHIII rolls around! :D

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I thought it was hilarious how they said they couldn't understand the story at all, so they couldn't spoil it even if they tried haha

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