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Everglow Returns to Kingdom Hearts Timeline Video Series


Prominent Kingdom Hearts content creator Everglow has resumed work on his Kingdom Hearts Timeline video series, which chronologically places cutscenes seen throughout the franchise.

For those unaware, this was a project Everglow started back in 2018 to catch up and reinform fans of the story before Kingdom Hearts III first launched via valuable recontextualization. The series concluded with the ending of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

However, since that latest video, the franchise has seen considerable developments, such as the completion of Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross], Kindom Hearts III + Re Mind, Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, and the entirety of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

So, Everglow has now returned to wholly conclude the Chi saga, aiming to amend the beginning videos of the Timeline. These new uploads will replace the soon-to-be-redundant episodes of the Timeline series that are outdated, as they lack certain scenes that were only revealed following the Timeline's originally finalized state. 

As a result, Union χ [Cross] will comprise 11 episodes, leading to Dark Road starting on episode 12. Everglow has also teased potential plans to include Kingdom Hearts III in the Timeline, viewable via the new first episode's video description. 

For now, you can check out the modified first episode of the Kingdom Hearts Timeline below. A playlist of all currently completed episodes is accessible, too, though keep in mind that the earlier ones are in the midst of being modified.

Lastly, I should note something that Everglow himself states in the video description; this project is not the ideal way for newcomers to first experience the story. Going through the games by release date is arguably the best way to view them initially.

This Timeline series is best used by fans familiar with the source material, so they can grasp new details and appreciate differing perspectives for certain events. 


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