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GameStops are promoting Kingdom Hearts III in-store with a photo-op stand; online store now has a Kingdom Hearts merchandise section


With Kingdom Hearts III now right around the corner, it looks like photo-op stands have been sent to GameStop stores for after Black Friday. While they were not supposed to be displayed until then, it seems some stores have set them up early. 

Thanks to twitter users ChrisAArrowoodXanmorSSBM, and Damonicium for providing images of the photo-op stand in stores! You can check them out in the album below.

GameStop has also put up an entire new section of the website dedicated to all Kingdom Hearts merchandise. It's separated into sections that include the versions of the game, collectibles, and media. Thanks to Churroz for this information!

Gamestop is also offering a free fabric poster with the preorder of Kingdom Hearts III through them.

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Thanks for sharing this with us, KHWaterBlock!

I saw this photo-op stand at a Gamestop ten minutes away from where I live! I went there to get the Season Pass for Spider-Man, and from outside, I could see the stand and I had to take a pic! <3

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