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Kingdom Hearts III Kairi, Aqua, Axel and Roxas Nendoroids confirmed to be in production from Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company has revealed a number of upcoming Kingdom Hearts III Nendoroids, those specifically being Kairi, Aqua, Axel and Roxas!

Roxas has a finalized design but is still in production, while Axel, Kairi and Aqua are all confirmed but don't have finalized designs yet.

Roxas is currently slated for an October 2021 release, while Axel, Kairi and Aqua have no set release dates at the moment.

The Kingdom Hearts III Sora and Riku Nendoroids are currently available for pre-order.

You can view the design of the Roxas Nendoroid below:

You can view the conceptual art depicting the other upcoming Nendoroids below:

Are you thrilled for all of these upcoming Nendoroids? Which one of them will you be purchasing first? Let us know in the comments below!

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Omgggg, it's a dream come true, man, I've been wanting to see a Roxas and Aqua for YEEAAAARRSSSSS. 

I just wish there could be a Namine or Terra instead of Kairi and Lea, though. (Don't get me wrong, I love Lea and Axel, but his Nendoroid looks kinda... off..) I feel like they're gonna make his forehead to big, lol.

Uhm... Also.. If that's supposed to be Axel, where are his little purple marks under his eyes? I know that that image is just an example/rough draft, but... That's a major detail that they skimped out on..

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Oh, oops... I didn't realize my comment would lead directly to the server,..... Is that not allowed? I think I did something wrong on that comment, because I don't often see peoples comments from kh13 pop up in this discussion general.....? (if so, i'm sorry, i didn't realize i messed something up, if i did do something wrong, can someone please at me?)

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