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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory PlayStation 4 digital pre-orders reportedly not working for many players

It has come to our attention that there are a great many individuals who are unfortunately unable to download their digital pre-orders for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory on PlayStation 4.

The issue consists of players attempting to download the title, but said download never commences. The PlayStation store page for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory lists the retail price instead of the option to download it as well, and if an individual experiencing these issues attempts to restore licenses via their PlayStation 4 menu, Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory unfortunately remains unaffected. 

PlayStation is reportedly offering refunds for this issue but the actual problem itself remains unresolved, and there is very little attention surrounding this dilemma. Rebuying the title after being refunded has worked for some players who have said to have done that.

Have you or anyone you know experienced this problem, or anything remotely similar? Let us know and we might be able to bring this plight more attention!

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I bought the disc copy, and that works fine for me. This is one of the many reasons what I'm afraid of, for digital copies of any game. 😕 😔 honestly tho, i feel bad for those who couldn't play this game, i hope you guys get your money back, and if you still have your ps4 or disc version ps5, maybe just play the disc version of the game. Just a suggestion. I do honestly feel sympathy for those players😔 💔

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I think I have this problem as well 😓

A bit worried. Mine was also the australian playstation store 

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They fixed the problem u just have to download it from ur library now :) 

7 hours ago, mihidum said:

I'm having this issue, preordered off the Australian PlayStation store. Still don't have the game, and don't have a refund yet either. Online support just keeps asking to restore licenses, and won't provide a refund to buy the game elsewhere as it is currently being escalated. Haven't been able to get through on phone support.





They fixed it go to ur library and download it have fun playing ") 

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On 11/15/2020 at 10:37 PM, devil2 said:

I have the same issue :(


I thought I'm the only one



They fixed the problem just download it from ur library have fun :) 

1 minute ago, Kittenz said:

oh okay! Thanks for telling me xD

Have fun :)

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And this is why I prefer buying the physical disk over digital. I bought the disk version and everything works fine for me.

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