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Kingdom Hearts Smartphone Shoulder Strap coming October 2023; Pre-Orders available via Yodobashi


Square Enix revealed a new smartphone shoulder strap featuring Kingdom Hearts icons. It's black, and has the crown, heart, and King sigil on it. It's currently priced at ¥3,520 ($25 USD) and has an estimated shipping date of October 2023 at this time. 

Additional store links will be listed at the bottom of this article when more are provided.

You can currently pre-order this product on Yodobashi and you can view pictures of the product via our album below.


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On 7/20/2023 at 6:41 PM, moon☁ said:

$25 for that??? 💀

Maybe they can’t afford to make the next game so they’re charging exorbitant prices for this progressively worse merch. 💀

Edited by Riku Watashi

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I had to look it up, and to be fair, they’re doing only marginally better than last year as of march (the most recent report I could find) and merch, which is still one of their biggest reasons why they’re currently staying afloat, was actually down compared to last year 💀

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