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Kingdom Hearts III worlds showcases at Shibuya Station, Tokyo; includes new screenshots and quotes

A Kingdom Hearts III exhibition is currently underway at the Shibuya and Shinjuku stations in Tokyo, Japan. Amongst the exhibits are a showcase of framed screenshots and quotes from the worlds in the game.

Thanks to fan @yuuna_kisaragi, who attended the Shibuya Station exhibit, we were able to compile these pictures - some of which are new and never seen before - and quotes from each world. You can see them below!





"Oh, we know. Mike Wazowski, right?"

"Hold on... you guys really aren't afraid of humans?"

"It says, "We Scare... Because We Care"...?"

The Caribbean




"'Cause we get to be pirates again!"

"Captain Jack Sparrow."

San Fransokyo




"My brother wanted to help people.
"He's still here. In Baymax, in all of us."

"Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion."

"And when you're not strong enough, he'll make up the difference."

"Prepare to face Keyblade Hero 3!
"... and the crimefighting team of Big Hero 6!"
"Together, we're unstoppable!"

Kingdom of Corona





"Flynn, could you explain..."
"No problem. Knowing when to flee is one of my specialties."

"Best. Day. Ever!"

"I can't believe I did this."

"It's so soft!"
"I'm free... I'm really freeeeee!"





"Nope! Never met 'em. Don't know anyone blue, green, or who's oddly spiky."

"This is my home now. I can't go back. I don't want to hurt anyone."

Toy Box



"Now off you go. To infinity and beyond!"

"From the outside."

"Sarge, any word from the recon team?"

"We've gotta work together."

Hundred Acre Wood




"What matters is I'll be here from now on."


Check out our album more more pictures from the exhibit!


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Thanks for sharing this with us, Aquaberry!

Wow, this gallery looks amazing! The promoting for KHIII continues! And it's interesting, we saw Donald holding the book of Pooh, and it seems that it's in Radiant Garden. So maybe it is a confirmed playable world? Although this could also be Twilight Town, and Merlin might have moved his base of operations there...but I want to believe it's Radiant Garden!

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