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  1. I checked IMDB a couple of days ago, and found that Mandy Moore is voicing Rapunzel again.
  2. Mark Cummings

    What are your thoughts on KH's current story direction?

    I'm all in. Bring on the twists, Nomura.
  3. Mark Cummings

    What's the most important thing in a villain?

    The three most important things that I think make a great villain are: not knowing from the beginning why they do what they do, a strong presence in the story and charisma in spades.
  4. Mark Cummings

    What are you excited for next in Union Cross?

    all of it, give me more of everything.
  5. I like how Square has slowly expanded Olympus Coliseum in each Kingdom Hearts game. I can't wait to see what KH3's version has in store.
  6. Mark Cummings

    What's your favorite Batman game?

    The entire Arkham series. Batman: Vengeance was really good as well.
  7. Mark Cummings

    Which Final Fantasy would be cool as a World in KH?

    VI or IX would be good. I think IX would work better because of the art style.
  8. Mark Cummings

    What's your favorite original Organization 13 voice?

    Xemnas all the way.
  9. Even though Captain Jack Sparrow is my favorite character, Barbossa and Davy Jones are two and three. Every actor in these films play of each other very well, it helps sell the time period as well as the plot.
  10. I'm a defensive guy in RPGs. The shield all the way.
  11. Mark Cummings

    What Kingdom Hearts-related podcasts do you listen to?

    I listen to the X-Keepers, KH Union and Dark Pixel podcasts.
  12. Natsu or Lucy from Fairy Tale.
  13. Mark Cummings

    Where would you like to go on a summer vacation?

    I've always wanted to go to Italy.
  14. Besides playing Fruitball, racing and eating Rockin' Crunch ice cream, who knows what shenanigans the Disney crew and I could get into over the summer.
  15. Mark Cummings

    What will be shown of KH3 at E3?

    Along with the release date, I really hope they show more of the Gummi Ship portion of KH3. How is the Gummi Garage and the world map? How about the combat/exploration aspect of the Gummi Ship in KH3? Details, Square, please.