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Sega Plaza announces Kingdom Hearts-themed can badges, premium clearium & premium bath towels; June 2022


Japanese retailer Sega Plaza has announced that their stores will start selling Kingdom Hearts-themed can badges, premium bath towels, and premium clearium on June 10th, 2022. For reference, Clearium is an epoxy resin substance used for decorations in Japan.

You can view images of the Kingdom Hearts-themed can badges and premium clearium via our gallery below. The premium bath towels currently lack images.


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Imma assume it’s like. To notify that a can of soda is yours at a party or something uwu

or to fit in the beach theme with the towels, at the beach 🏖 whenthedarknessisjustright

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On 5/11/2022 at 1:15 AM, Daz_4th said:

how neat!

idk what the heII a can badge is though

They're the type of pins with the safetypin-like mechanism in the back. Some people refer to them as just pins or buttons but they always go with "can badge" when it comes to Japanese merch for some reason (I always thought because the round ones usually resemble the top/bottom of a soda can).


I think these might technically be referred to as "long can badges".

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