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  1. mate the airbrushing and sanding by hand should clue you in that they arent prepping this for mass production. if you pay attention to the dialogue/article it seems implied that they were created specifically for the photo shoot. additionally, if you check out their pop-up store page, they also mention they are bringing them for folks to pose with. there is no indication that they intend on selling them.
  2. I think there is a very good chance these were made for event purposes and won't be seeing mass production.
  3. They're the type of pins with the safetypin-like mechanism in the back. Some people refer to them as just pins or buttons but they always go with "can badge" when it comes to Japanese merch for some reason (I always thought because the round ones usually resemble the top/bottom of a soda can). I think these might technically be referred to as "long can badges".
  4. This is like 15" long. More of like a desk toy than the 1:1 PROPLICA Kingdom Key.
  5. The original KH Walkman came pre-installed with Face My Fears and Don't Think Twice in Hi-Res audio formats (higher sampling rates resulting in better sound - "hear as the artist intended", as Sony markets it). Not even a modern iPhone can produce the same sound as a dedicated device can, even using the same file. Though it comes as no surprise that people from all ages in the States have either forgotten about the Walkman brand or have never heard of it at all, it still remains a linchpin among audiophiles stateside and people abroad - it's still very popular in its home country along with many European countries. I'll wager you're already aware of most of this. Spotify, while super convenient, streams compressed versions of music so it'll never hit the fidelity of typical tried-and-true Hi-Res formats. Most people have dull ears and value the ease of use, accessibility, and access to a huge music catalog over audio quality. I guarantee this isn't making it stateside, just like the KH3 one didn't.
  6. Most likely a portable digital music player, like the one they released to commemorate KH3 in 2019: I bought this but never use it. The Japanese Walkman OS doesn't have any language options (which is strange since this same model in other regions do).
  7. hilariously, if you want answers and not this cryptic, drawn-out teasing that is undoubtedly an attempt to drum up business for her website, you can just check out eBay listings, including actual photos of the ambassador edition of the Oathkeeper.
  8. They just flattened the most-used 3D models in all the ads and put them in uninspired design configurations. Hot Topic level stuff...
  9. You need a Japanese Sony account, Japanese form of transactional currency, and a Japanese address. You do get a 10% new member discount if you can somehow fulfill those requirements, though! As others have mentioned, proxy service is probably the cleanest way if you're not in Nippon. Otherwise you can try retailers like "nin-nin-game" who have both the Walkman and headphones up for sale (take their terrible reviews with a grain of salt, I got my JP KH3 PS4 Pro from them fwiw).
  10. I actually very much like the composition of the article. It's perfectly informative without being long-winded, and links to every source you cite. I say keep it up!
  11. I have all of the keyblade keychains they've made so far, including the limited red version of Lea's which I bought in Akihabara recently. Is the plush the same one from the DDD special edition?
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