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Square Enix Cafe ARTNIA reveals the Kingdom Hearts III commemoration campaign menu


The previously announced Kingdom Hearts III launch campaign for Square Enix Cafe ARTNIA has been revealed to include a Kingdom Hearts inspired menu. During the campaign exclusive Kingdom Hearts Merchandise will be available to purchase. Guests can receive a themed luncheon mat as a gift and if ordering a drink you will receive a themed coaster. Reservations for ARTNIA take place via a lottery system. Read here for more information on reservations for the Square Enix Cafes.



Seasonal ice yogurt flavor for the full term (February 2 to April 12)

Approx. ¥ 890


Based on refreshing yogurt is finished with adding natural sweetness and sea salt. It is slightly sweet and savoury tasty, yogurt ice bar.


Long hair – pasta - Full-year (February 2 - April 12) 

Approx. ¥ 1100


We combined Cappellini with a creamy hazelnut soup and looked like a hair of Rapunzel. Please enjoy the texture of various ingredients.


Dark rice ball - Phase 1 (February 2 - February 24) 

Approx. ¥ 880


We finished two sorts of flavoured rice balls at reasonable size. Taste, comb and starch, the stars that stick out are pickles with chopsticks off.


Heated sashimi - Phase 1 (February 2 to February 24) 

Approx. ¥ 900


Put a soft rice cake in the soup that made use of the flavour of the mushrooms, and finish the warm sushi. A luxurious gem with crabs.


Little Chef Ratatouille - Phase 1 (February 2 to February 24) 

Approx. ¥ 1000


Four vegetables were sliced as they were, spirally arranged on top of the tomato sauce, roasted with skillets.




Sky -  Full year (February 2 - April 12) 

Approx. ¥ 850


Using mango and cranberries, a scolding gold star on the surface and an image of Sora.


Land - Full year (February 2 to April 12) 

Approx. ¥ 850



With refreshing grape juice and carbonated drink on mint leaves. A silver star is scattered on the surface and an image of reclamation.


Sea - Full season (February 2 to April 12) 

Approx. ¥ 850



With peach collagen and drinking yogurt and with a sense of relief. Image of Kairi studded with Bello Rose.


All seasons - (February 2 to April 12) 
Sea of different world

Approx. ¥ 800


I thought that sugar-free coffee was in the night sky, and the stars shining in the night sky are imaged by using star type gold.


Honey lemon pot - Phase 1 (February 2 to February 24) 

Approx. ¥ 800


Add refreshing & refreshing lemon water to your choice of natural honey, also moisturise your throat.


Jelly of the night sky - First period (February 2 to February 24) 

Approx. ¥ 800


It is fashionable and not too sweet drink using pink grapefruit and jelly.



Approx. ¥ 600


This is a lemon-flavoured drink with plenty of fresh mint. (Mint · Lemon · Honey · Soda)


Hi- Potion

Approx. ¥ 650


This is a refreshing drink of fresh mint, lime, ginger ale. (Mint · Lime · Honey · Dry Ginger ale)


Are you attending the any of the Square Enix Cafes? If so which delicious food and beverages will you choose? Let us know in the comments section below!

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