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Unboxing of Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition, Toy Story Bring Arts figures, and Kingdom Hearts III PlayStation 4 Pro


During E3 of 2018, Square Enix announced a variety of limited edition products for Kingdom Hearts III, including the Deluxe Edition + Bring Arts figures, as well as a limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro. The former found its way to the Square Enix store immediately, while the latter was sadly nowhere to be found outside of Japan, at least for several months. Upon the news that GameStop and other retailers would be carrying the console worldwide, fans went wild attempting to pre-order this rare system.

With a bit of luck and a hit to my spending money, I was fortunate enough to obtain both of these highly sought-after items. Below, you can see my unboxing of the various contents that I received on the afternoon of January 28th.

Overall, I am very happy with everything I received!

The Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition itself is quite a step up from most other collector's editions the series has had over the years. The inclusion of a standard case alongside the steelbook is very considerate for those of us who love to collect the series' various box arts. The steelbook's design is not only pleasing to look at, but as an attendee of Kingdom Hearts III's Premiere Event last year, it also brought back a lot of good memories for me, due to a similar aesthetic being used quite frequently at that event's venue. The artbook, like others before it, is a treat to look through, showcasing various worlds, characters, and Keyblades from the game. Finally, the pin is quite awesome. While it's not quite as unique as prior Kingdom Hearts pins have been, it carries a lot of charm in a simple design and relatively simple shape. It certainly doesn't disappoint!

Regarding the Bring Arts figures, while I found it strange that the Sora Bring Arts figure's head was detached from the body, the fix for such an issue is relatively easy. I will, however, echo a long-standing sentiment about this line of figures: the plastic for the hands should be softer and more malleable. All too often, I see complaints about trying to attach a figure's hands (an issue I actually had in my unboxing), as well as trying to fit weapons into the appropriate hand models. Fans would often struggle to pry the fingers apart in order to fit a Keyblade or other object. This is an issue which has persisted with the Play Arts and Bring Arts figure lines for years, and I hope to someday see a change to reflect this request. Otherwise, these figures are definitely on par with other Play Arts and Bring Arts lines, with every single bit of detail and quality that such a standard entails. In particular, these Toy Story figures look like they could have jumped out from the game itself! Very impressive, regardless of any minor issues I have!

Speaking about the PlayStation 4 Pro, the quality of the product is absolutely astounding. I was initially very skeptical about the leather-like finish the console's top plate had received, thinking that it was nothing more than empty marketing. However, after holding the console in my hands and running my fingers across this finish, I can now say that the claims are absolutely warranted. The feeling isn't quite that of actual leather, but the imitation is superb regardless. If this is the level of quality we can expect from Square Enix's limited-edition consoles in the future, I can't wait to see what else they might bring to us in the future.

Kingdom Hearts III is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

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