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[UPDATE] Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary wafers arriving in Japan June 2022 across 7-Elevens; comes with metallic cards


Bandai Japan has announced that they will be selling Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary-themed wafers in Japan in June 2022. These confectionaries will be available in several 7-Elevens throughout the country. Additionally, purchasers can obtain random metallic cards with their wafers decorated with Kingdom Hearts characters.

Further details of this announcement were translated by our team's Ryuji, viewable below:

Age rating: 15+

※Images are merely illustrative and not indicative of the product.
Inside each package, you can find a:
● Metallic Card (30 variants)
● Wafer (Cocoa Cream) x1

Images of the wafer and examples of obtainable cards are viewable via our gallery below and the official Bandai Japan website.

UPDATE (6/1/2022) : The Bandai website has been updated, revealing that these treats will be made available throughout Japan 7-Elevens on June 21, 2022. Our gallery above has also been updated with additional images.

If you're a Kingdom Hearts fan in Japan, you have some sweetness to look forward to in the Summer! Let us know how the wafer tastes if you decide to try it. 

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21 hours ago, King_Graham said:

Hopefully, they can be imported. 

I hope so. I'm getting annoyed that Japan has exclusive access to all of this 20th anniversary merch. I want some of this stiff!

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