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[Updated] New Kingdom Hearts III Diamond Select Toys collectibles revealed at Toy Fair 2019


Diamond Select Toys has recently revealed four new figures based on the characters from Kingdom Hearts III on the occasion of Toy Fair 2019, a toy companies show-off convention which will take place in New York City on February 16-19. Gamespot had the chance to take an early look before the show floor debut, at the newly announced second series of figures, which is made of three different sets.

In the first set there is a Toy Story Sora figure with the Favorite Deputy Keyblade and an Air Soldier. In the second one, there is also Guardian form Sora with the Hero’s Origin Keyblade and an Air Soldier. In the last one, there is Hercules with a Dusk nobody. All of these packs are in the 7-inch scale, and will be available this fall for 25$(USD) each.

UPDATE [Feb 19, 2019]: A bunch of new figures and a collectibles were shown off at Toy Fair 2019, including a Donald Duck PVC statue fighting a toy soldier, two waves of Minimates. Diamond Select Toys also showed off a Sora and King Mickey Vinimates as well as new figure versions of the Toy Story versions of Sora, Donald, and Goofy and Sora's Drive Form version. The Minimates include Maleficent, King Mickey, Wreck-it Ralph, Toy Sora, Captain Jack, Toy Donald, Mike Wazowski, Monster Goofy, Baymax, Sora, Pirate Sora, and Elizabeth Swann.

Thanks to PREVIEWSworld for the pictures!

Does any of those newly announced sets caught your interest? Let us know in the comments!

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