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  1. I changed the E to V. As for the Santa Sora page, I probably didn't notice that it was a VIP event.
  2. Could you make DISPLAYTITLE work? Also, there have been quite a lot of accounts created to post spam on their user pages. Can we do something about that? Maybe require new accounts to verify through email, or something? EDIT: I've tried to add an interlanguage link to a French wiki, and add it to the sidebar, but so far it's not working. Any idea why?
  3. Do you happen to know where to find/update this image: http://www.khunchainedx.com/w/resources/assets/wiki.png ? I want to replace it with this: https://www.khwiki.com/File:App_Icon_5_KHUX.png.
  4. Can you add the Editcount extension? https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Editcount
  5. If you look at the IP edits in the last 30 days, it already happened five times.
  6. Could you restrict creating pages to logged-in users only? There have been some IP users who created pages with false information lately.
  7. Well, I definitely have over 10 edits, and I still get a captcha every time.
  8. Unless you want to single-handedly remove all backgrounds or find a way to rip the images, we'll have to use KHInsider's images.
  9. Would it also be possible to do something about the external link captcha? We have to add links to khinsider for the medal images, and I keep getting a captcha, which really slows down the process.
  10. I edited the event counters to end at 7 UTC, which is midnight KHUX time.
  11. Bumping this. We need someone to start deleting and other clean-up stuff.
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