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  1. Deleting and moving with out redirects rights would be a blessing, I misnamed a a lot files because I didn't think it through, simply adding "JP" to the banners would have been the best solution. Anyway, I'm not against listing min/max material numbers you can find in the game (I think there is a chance to get either 1~3 items from a sparkling spot) but it would be a lot of work to confirm these numbers and it's pointless in the end since the only time you will be actively collecting material items is when a new Keyblade is released. I'm also for keeping the original Japanese name for a mission instead of just using the literal translation, at least in the infobox, since we're doing the same with practically everything else. Edit: Since the new tabbing method broke almost all current medal pages we probably need a script to fix this. <div style="float: right"><tabber>" needs to be replaced with "<div class="tabber goright" style="width:350px">", "|-|" needs to be replaced with "</div>" and "1★= " or "1★ = " (I've seen both) with "<div class="tabbertab" title="1★">", same for the other stars and "MAX", and finally "</tabber>" with another "</div>".
  2. I never understood why, the hate sure wasn't mutual.A wiki needs an active community to thrive and the split sure hasn't helped that. That's what makes Sadako's work even more amazing, I'd probably gone crazy. If we keep up with the latest updates the Unchained wiki will surpass the Wikia eventually in the search rankings.
  3. I added two mission articles for the event, if it's prefered to have them all on one page, it would still be possible to simply transclude them. I'm not really happy with the enemy list because it feels bloated and it doesn't do the mixed groups justice. There is also the problem with the egg and chest Heartless, because they have a chance to appear on (almost?) every map but don't always spawn. The egg Heartless appear more regularly on the event maps where they drop a large amount of Event Medals. I uploaded all currently accessible Daybreak Town maps, I'm still not sure what you want to do with them.
  4. As Katie said before the missions are really not that different in both versions, we have different challenges, a bit different rewards and one script change so far, so shouldn't we just include this information in one template without tabs? AP will probably also be the same once the half AP campaign ends. So all that has to be included in the NA infobox would be the Japanese title and challenges + their rewards as separate rows. But maybe the "cleaner" view is wanted, I don't know. What I'm also not sure about is if the Japanese title and challenges should be included in Japanese, as translation or both. The other thing I'm unsure about is how to tackle the events. The "Dress like Mickey" event will be over in seven days and by then the missions and boards won't be accesssible anymore. Should the event missions be handled the same as the story missions or put on one page? What about the differences to the Japanese "みんなでミッキー・コーデ" event? There was a fourth mission and another medal board, the prices for the nodes were also different.
  5. Looking over the wiki I'm still unsure where to start. First things first: Will new information from the Japanese version still be added and then slowly replaced by the NA version or are we simply focussing on the NA version now? Either way it would be good to know which pages are still based on the Japanese version and which pages have already been adjusted for the NA version. I don't think there will be many differences, but I can probably already name three: the Avatar Coins are awared in 4 and 6 pairs now, Guilt is unlocked after mission 200 instead of 350 and there will probably no Jack Skellington medal in the NA version. Should Avatar Boards get their own pages or will they be listed? Should the Keyblade pages all look like the one for Divine Rose or a table/template route prefered? What information should be added to the mission pages besides the challanges and the materials? Enemies, world, maps, chests, etc.? I know a lot of design questions are still in the air and things will often get changed when a better idea presents itself. It would still be good to know some general intentions before stepping on anyone's toes. :wink:
  6. The "strength bundle" (I think it's actually a bangle, a bracelet) is not really that mysterious, it let's you collect Guilt like in [chi] when you reach level 20. The implication of what Guilt actually might be is the mysterious part of the whole affair.
  7. The data wasn't completely removed in the western release, it's just not accessible with a room mod anymore. In the Final Mix these areas were indeed removed to make room for the Secret Episode, they still use the same world code though ("JB").
  8. Apparently you are the idiot because you didn't understand a single thing I wrote. It's not about reverse-engineering the game but the assets, which is not possible. If they had the original assets they could've been reconstructing the game with ease and include features like a 60Hz frame rate, a theater mode, another language track or even make a Xbox port if they wanted. @DAMN: If you don't understand that releasing a rom collection together with an emulator (aka SUGC) is not the same thing as an PS2 HD port, then there is no point in talking to you. It's not even close to the workload you suggested SE has to accomplish with an external company to make this HD not lazy in your eyes. It's more like replacing all sprites in the whole SUGC with 3D models.
  9. You can't reverse engine the assets, they are, for a lack of a better term, the raw data of the game: the uncompressed textures, the original sound composition files, the animation groundworks, the unadjusted models and most importantly the source code. These assets sum up to several terabytes and if they are not needed for some time they get deleted and all that isn't saved by the responsible artist or programmer is lost forever. It's a fairly normal procedure because nobody would expect ten years ago to make a HD port of the game, keep also in mind that disk space was much more expensive around that time. The only thing that SE could have done is to re-create the game which would have been necessary for some features you like to have, e.g. the theater mode. Obviously this wouldn't be a reasonable choice, because it would have been taken more time and money than the limited audience for the HD ports is expected to pay back.
  10. You could also consult the Insider's gallery which has all these cards too.
  11. Congratulations tempex, no wonder your team is No. 5.
  12. No, Okami HD and the Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD are still my favorites. I still think it's much better than other HD Collections out there, especially the Ubisoft ones or the Jak & Daxter Collection, where they didn't even bother to update some HUD textures and the bonus artworks.
  13. It's confirmed that both teams will get the card when the specific raid boss has been defeated, it's still unknown if the uninvolved team members will automatically get the card too. I guess you have to wait until September 26th to find out.
  14. Xion is the main reason 358/2 Days is so forgettable, every KH game had at least a tidbit of information (yes, even Re:coded) that brought the plot forward, but not this game. All important facts were already known since KHII, or more precisely KHIIFM, and 358/2 Days did nothing to spice them up. We may have more insight in the motivation and backstories of other underdeveloped characters like Demyx, Luxord or Xaladin if she never appeared. That being said I don't hate her or anything, I just don't think she is important enough to get practically her own game when she is written like a numb Kairi with existential problems. When we see her again in KHIII I hope she acquired some interesting characteristics for a change.
  15. These are the ways to get SR/SR+ cards at the moment: During the Guard Armor event (which is ending soon) you have to collect at least 30,000 "punitive points" for a Riku SR attack card. If you deal 900,000 damage to a Guard Armor you'll receive a Mickey SR attack card, if you defeat a Level 30 Guard Armor you'll get a Sora, Donald & Goofy SR attack card. You have to collect 3,000,000 Lux for a Aladdin & Jasmine SR+ assist card, if you get in the Top 10, you'll get a Aladdin & Genie SR+ attack card. A newly created character who completes the tutorial receives a Sora SR attack card. Furthermore, reaching level 20 with this character grants a King Mickey SR attack card. This is only possible until 26th September. Drawing cards with tickets and opening chests gives a very slight chance to receive a SR or even a SR+ card: Gold Ticket (SR<1%), Raise Ticket (SR<4.8%, SR+<0.2%), Normal Kupo Nut (SR<1%), Ripe Kupo Nut (SR<4.8%, SR+<0.2%). Raise tickets and ripe kupo nuts are very rare prizes or can be bought with real money. The Japanese Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] capture Wik features lists of the different levels for R and R+ card. Limit cuts are always useful, although a R card which was limit cut 3 times will never be as good an uncut R+ card while a R+ card, which was limit cut 3 times, will be as good as an uncut SR card most of the time.
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