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[Update]Kingdom Hearts ~20th Anniversary~ Ichiban Kuji Sora and Kairi Figures announced for 2022


During the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Trailer shown earlier this morning, a new Ichiban Kuji lottery was announced. It showcased a new Sora and Kairi set of figures in their throne chairs from the artworks of Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory respectively. Additionally, it is scheduled for a 2022 release.

This is the third Ichiban Kuji lottery in the series history, with the first being in 2019 and the second in 2020. You can view these figures in the 20th Anniversary trailer below.

Update 10/6/2021: The Kingdom Hearts ~20th Anniversary~ Ichiban Kuji has been updated, showing the ranked prizes. You can see the prize list below:

 Prize A Sora Statue
 Prize B Kairi Statue
 Prize C Design Clock
 Prize D Plush Mascot
 Prize E Canvas Board
 Prize F Hand Towel
 Prize G Glass
 Prize H Keyblade Charm Collection
 Prize One Prize Sora Statue-Last One ver. ~
 Double Chance Campaign Sora Statue ~ Last One ver. ~

We will continue to update once new information releases! So stay tuned!

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