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  1. I got my first job today, finally. o3o Here's hoping it all goes well...

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    2. The_eternal_nothing
    3. -AngelicHealing-


      Thank you! ^-^ And I'll be a telephone interviewer, like doing surveys and stuff :3

    4. The_eternal_nothing


      sweet hopefully its good

  2. DDR Okami, usually. And my best friend is always playing Megaman and Zelda music.
  3. I can't get this guy outta my head. The whole situation was sketchy and just wrong for me, but this ONE guy sticks out. EUUUGHHH.

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    2. Shana09


      If its a huge crush, try to ask him out.

    3. Weiss


      talk to him

    4. -AngelicHealing-


      Oh, no, it was at an interview yesterday, and he was the "executive" interviewing me, but the whole thing was sketchy and strange and when I told them the job wasn't for me, they tried to get me to stay so I had to act like I had an emergency. He was the only one who was concerned truly about my situation, even if it was fake, and I just feel so weird about him being there with that 'company'. It's just, agh, idek. It doesn't make sense, both my concern for him and...

  4. Marry me. Justin Bieber isn't so bad; it's just a fad to bash him. People should learn to ignore what they dislike. : -suddenly remembering what I wanted to say before- I like Lady Gaga and her whole "Be yourself" thing but she's gotten so weird, it's creepy to me. Like, really creepy. I'd watch Paparazzi and Bad Romance and Poker Face and think, "She's so strange, I love it!" But after that, it was the kind of strange that I just couldn't take ._.
  5. Ugh. I shudder against that thought. Hopefully he's out of here for good. If he shows up, I won't hesitate to tell my best friend's mom what's going on with him. I know she won't tolerate it.
  6. Whoaaaa! The second I saw BAMF I knew I was in for something awesome. That was sick! Subbing for sure! /runs off to comment from YouTube as well
  7. I'd like to think of it that way. Hopefully he doesn't contact me again, nor come over anymore. There's a big family event tomorrow, but he hasn't been to any of the other gatherings since he moved out. Hehhehheh, I don't doubt it!
  8. Ah, really? I was worried it wasn't... to be taken seriously, in a sense. Like, "Oh, that's just how he jokes." I do have some friends who joke with me like that but I /know/ they're joking-- this just feels wrong. In that case, I'll just unfriend him now.
  9. He just messaged me again. Nothing weird, just friendly talk. I think at the very least, I'll implement that option for him to not see my pictures and wait a few days while I ignore him before I delete him. I know it might sound weird but I feel bad whenever I delete someone, even if they've been an asshole or weirdo to me D;
  10. I woke up this morning with one sock missing. It made me confused and sad. :c

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    2. Paranoia


      Science, man. It's a strange thing. lol

    3. Caity


      I kick mine off in my sleep usually and wake up with my feet freezing trying to desperately search for them before I get out of the blanket xD

    4. -AngelicHealing-


      My socks are always sucked into the abyss that is my blanket v__v I STILL haven't found the one from this morning. xD

  11. So, I live with my best friend right now and have been since September because my home situation is... bad. At the time I started staying here, his cousin was also staying here, too. It was supposed to be for a week, and ended up being 3 months, until his cousin left. During that time, he slept on the couch and worked late hours (worked at 1am and got home around 3pm) so we never saw him often (or at least my best friend didn't, due to work). He's not too fond of his cousin, who he finds to be fake and only sucking up to his family when he needs them, but otherwise doesn't bother to contact and just say hello. I had gotten along with him, though, and he added me on Facebook, which I thought was no big deal since I have a lot of my best friend's family added on FB. But... he's always asking for pictures of me. I know that doesn't sound weird, but let me inform you all that he's like 30 or 40-something, with kids. In December, for example, I was on my way to hang out with friends who were coming in to the city from upstate. He said "Take lots of pictures!" and I said, "I will!" and he said, "I mean, send them to me!" I laughed it off and told him, "It's probably just going to be Times Square." He said, "It doesn't matter, as long as you're in them." That... weirded me out. A lot. Besides the fact that he's always asking for pictures, the other day I posted a picture on Facebook where I was all dressed up and joked that I looked like an English teacher (something I'm considering). He messaged me and joked about it, too, and eventually he said, and I quote; "I'd be happy to have such a cool, fun sexy lil' teacher to show off. LOL" That really wigged me out, so I tried to change the subject, saying "Maybe I should become one of those gym teachers who overworks their middle school students while eating donuts all class instead." and he wrote back "You don't have the body of a donut eater, though." I showed my best friend, and he said "That's really weird. I told you not to add him. Now he'll never leave you alone!" But I don't know what to do now. He hasn't said anything particularly... freaky, but it still bothers me. I'm one of those people who chokes up saying "Hello" to someone, how do I tell someone about this? :|
  12. Yesterday was ridiculous. I went to an interview, turned out it was this company recruiting for representatives to sell this like, "miracle" product (think those websites you come across on the internet that go on for a long time in multiple colored fonts about how 'this product will CHANGE YOUR LIFE' and the results are too ridiculous to be true) and I actually had to "buy a package plan" to start working and be "successful by the time I'm 21". It was weird and so many things didn't make sense and felt bad about it, so when I told them this job wasn't for me, they tried to get me to stay. I had to pretend I got a text that my grandma had a heart attack to get out. I even shook and let my voice crack and cried in front of them and even then they were like "Are you sure it's an emergency and you have to go?", but they finally did. Really weird day. o___o
  13. I've been trying to lucid dream over the summer but fell out of it for a while. I want to try again. The last time I tried, I woke up in my dream but was not yet able to control lots of things yet. The only way I know that I was lucid dreaming was because (I was in my mom's living room) everything was as I normally saw it when I was awake. My dreams never make sense. If it had been a normal dream, it would be my mom's living room but my elementary school in the next room. >__> I seem to literally wake up in the middle of REM sleep a lot, and then of course fall into sleep paralysis. Worst. Thing. Ever. ;__;
  14. Since the picture I first posted in here was almost 4 years ago, here's a recent one. I change my hair color very often so I don't know how long this'll count as 'recent'
  15. Ah, I just realized you've gone and I've just seen you're a SONE D;

  16. I see what'cha mean, but I think that should be held to the Bauuer rather than the people who participate in the meme. I personally haven't seen anybody actually claiming that it's the original, in fact most people I've run into say 'the original's better' or 'here's the original, the non-meme version'. People who show real interest usually look it up first, anyway. But, that's just me/my experience.
  17. I love him. .__. But really, one individual's personal opinion of a person shouldn't be used to determine if he'll be the most subscribed. He's gotten popular super fast, so it's a possibility to me, if it continues, anyway.
  18. Then again, the Harlem Shake trend just started, and Gangnam Style has been around since July, so there's still a bit to go~
  19. I hope so. I got so much crap for Gangnam Style. As a KPop fan, I had tried to show my friends the video just after it came out, thinking if they liked the silly nature of it, they'd stop giving me crap about listening to music that's 'different'. They didn't want to see it, said a bunch of insults about my music choice, but when it blew up, they were alllllll over it. And now that it's died down, people are giving me crap again-- "What kind of music do you listen to?" "KPop-" "Oh, you mean Gangnam Style? THAT SUCKS OMG" and so on. Ugh. It makes me so angry. But anyway, I love the Harlem Shake meme. I think it's lots of fun and I can't wait to make a video of it myself! I don't think it's in reference to the original HS, but rather the song. It's just about having fun and letting loose and that's why I think it's gotten so popular. I've seen a lot of people bash it, partially because it's popular and partially because they think 'humanity is so stupid, people will laugh at anything nowadays', and I think they really just need to loosen up and have fun.
  20. This is one of my personal-ish poems. It means a lot to me because it was the first thing I'd written after promising myself I'd never write again 2 years earlier (long story~). Thought I'd share it with you guys. ^^ Saccharine wishes collide With your soft breathing Sleep is a privilege that only comes with effort My lullabies are bitter Because I wonder Who the back of your eyelids will see There’s a reason why my heart thuds endlessly But no amount of Klonopin will make you love me I’ve got some dreams with your name on them But insecurities hold tight to my throat Since when did the nightmares continue After I awoke? This body wasn't made to party, And I bet they think you’re cute, But I need this moment to believe That I don’t need blood when I open my eyes Inhale fear Exhale sorrow Until the tremors stop at my fingertips Entwined in your hair And sleep envelops us Into all that may never be
  21. Hi, Eliza, Kirby and Silver! Nice to meet you! \(^▽^*) And my favorite KPop song would have to be... hm, this is hard. Right now, BoA's "Only One" and "Disturbance". And of course, SHINee's new album. It's all I've been listening to since last night. ^^
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