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  1. Nah, probably not, doing my A levels now and I don't have the time to spend hours in the Random section like I used to
  2. Hello people, it's been a long time! So, how are things now? KH3, amirite? I finally played BBS, and I see why everyone likes it so much now. And WTF is up with these new smilies And Sora96 still likes AFL, right?
  3. If Square Enix were to release this on PC, I think I could actually kill people with happiness.I really really REALLY want to play this when it comes out, but it's not worth £400 to me, sadly :PAlso they only just announced it was in development, so I wouldn't expect it next year
  4. I don't even go on this site any more, but I feel I should say how much I'm frigging nerdgasming and Mirror's Edge 2, Battlefront 3 AND KH3. Still, i'm reeeeeeealy hoping for KH3 on PC so I don't have to buy a new console...
  5. Hey Koko Hello, but I'm not coming properly back, just checking in I'm sure I did I do remember you. Not the v-v-v-v-v thing though... Sounds about right I remember you too Well, nice to meet you I'd be horribly offended if another Eagle stole your affection Hello o/ I remember you too, Hey
  6. Back for my occasional checkup... my last one was June ..So, how are you all? Random section still far more popular than the rest of the forum? DChiuch still having the same avatar? Sora still liking Australian football? Personal forum still a dismal place to browse?
  7. ಠ_ಠ eh, still good to see people
  8. I see CardCaptorDeadpool and Fred are still here, and it's definitely good to see Kaiso still around
  9. tell me some of the old members who are still here eh, gotta go for the night, i'll check back tomorrow!
  10. I'm back for my every-few-monthly check. how are you, members of KH13? what's new?
  11. this is still the closest i honestly can't believe no-ones gotten it... so i'll give you another hint, this is along the right lines:
  12. I'm shocked no-one has gotten this yet, I'M ASHAMED OF YOU PEOPLE!! i think you'll find that's 0, which is 1 digit.
  13. no clue, i didn't even notice it was happening for a while. i'd say 10.
  14. 2 of the digits are correct, but not in the right order. it's going to be pretty obvious when you get close to the correct answer.
  15. FFxChainless, you're the closest yet Greymon, a good answer, but not correct as a hint, you can find the answer using my KH13 profile, and very basic math skills.
  16. ikr? and it takes SOOOOOOO long to finish. 60 hours is long enough, but around 90 years? not including the expansion pack...(pro heaven metaphor right there) and everytime i play it, I Lose The Game
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