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  1. well i like the gameplay in kh 3d i think it looks graphically better than the psp but the eds is 300 bucks should i get it for this epic game and mariokart 3d
  2. Yes it is just a draft a draft of the begining putting a modern day wielder can have its ups and downs I just want a kh story that we can all relate to. Thank you for all the comments ill be sure to make some changes then give my second draft
  3. Hello my siblings here at kh13.com. how's bbs everyone good great. I have an idea now most of y'all would want to call me an ass for this but bear with me please. I wanna make a kh away from kh I want a modern day keyblade wielder put all the modern day crap of high school shove some nobodies unversed and heartless and bam. It would be a freshman named zach he just enrolled in the science academy school for the gifted he's had his keyblade since he was 5 wen his home was ambushed my heartless. 9 years later he keeps his powers a secret to all his friends. One fateful day while walking to geometry time stops and he goes into a deep dive this dive doesn't stop no platform at all he just keeps diving and diving until he could see nothing but darkness then his keyblade suddenly appears in his hands and it is raised forward and unlocks something there he sees ven asleep terra suffering and aqua wondering his suddenly transported back to the islands and goes home the next day he overslept and rushes to school he bumps. Into this girl falls in love with her ends up being late to social studies. At the end of the day he's visited by a man in a organization cloak and he says leave this world to unlock the secrets within urself he spends the rest of the day comtemplating on wat he should do next not a bad story if u ask me.
  4. Yes hp good abilities and thunder surge the crap out of him don't be like me and train the crap out of ur ven from level 50 to 73 just to get no name a keyblade recommened for aqua. But that strategy does wonders wen I came close to beating him b4 I trained the crap out of my ven he had 2 bars after 1 hp then I tried one more time he turned invisible then I said ur not getting away with that then thunder surge wat was left of his hp simple as that.
  5. I'm going to personally kick that guy in the nuts the side games do reveal loads of stuff that was left unsaid in the main story line punch him for me ok cuz I kno between kh2 and bbs which one revealed the most secrets bbs mister vanitas is riku such an off perspective its just sad but hilarious lmao
  6. I say 60 or late 50s trust me its doable because I did it I have a level 74 ven who's a keeper of the arena and I beat villans vedetta I also beat the vanitas sentiment and the mysterious figure so I pretty much did everything but like a fool I choose standard but I'm not going through all that crud just to get the secret ending. My terra is 58 he's also a keeper and my aqua is 53 a keeper as well all ultimate shotlocks are mastered and ready to pwn With. If u ever face my ven u will be destroyed I once faced my 2 friends it was them 2 agaisnt me I was level 65 they were 53 and 30 so both of them should of won but I did they actually asked if I can die just once the damage they were doing was pretty pathetic I also hit one of them once and killed them a one hit ko like in pokemon lol. If u want a good ven like mine train the shit out of it and do arena missins over and over I swear I play a time to chill and villans vendatta everyday they're my favorite ones:-)
  7. Hello guys sorry but i feel kinda pathetic asking for help and all since im a bbs freak but thats wat family is for. does anyone have a good strategy to bet the mf i just keep losing i have a ven level 53 and my deck is fire and thunder surge wind raid aerial slam stun edge tornado and curaga, THanks guys.
  8. I kno the strategy gets a little getting used to so don't get mad wen it doesn't work the first time it is a tricky boss wen I beat the next secret boss I'll give an update.
  9. Ok first hhiiiiiiiiiiiii and happy bbs its me roxas and I'm back and better than ever I meant to post this on the day it came out but I was too busy playing it lol. Ok for those of u r like me that have beaten the 3 stories plus final episode have a lv 40 or above ven r good with the game and arena level 10 and above u r ready to take on the vanitas sentiment with my strategy. Ok lemme tell u. Ok u gotta have a mastered tornado mine square and salvation with mega potions on all ur open spots. Wen u start the battle(this is my strategy) attack him he will dodge annd instead of the shadow attack he will do something else keep dodge rolling from attacks until he starts running toward u wen he's near u use mine square to send him flying then immediatley use tornado and carry him off far from u repeat this and the battle should be quick u also have to finsih him with a attack with ur blade to finishh the battle I went flying and then did payback raid which ended the battle there r other wways but this is my way. If u read this b4 I modified the wikia strategy so al rights to wikia.
  10. It has to be. Besides those things r like xemnas's blades. they look awsome though.
  11. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH The gamestop site tellls me that bbs is coming out in the 31st of december. This can't be true im freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I just use dark firaga to block off the copy xemnas while moving towards the real xemnas
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