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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Nah, it is never revealed what Mickey's keyblade is called. They still call it Kingdom Key D
  2. Hello everyone Aurangzeb56 here and i'll be posting a link to my YouTube playlist here in which I'll be uploading a video of kingdom hearts 3 everyday. It's a walkthrough of the game in which I'll be showing how to collect every collectibles (treasure chests, lucky emblems and worlds specific items) and how to unlock the secret ending. Hope o see you guys there. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSnrtKdBozA6bUl0zGtw5hPptCQLb2idS
  3. Thanks for the link but i have already heard the samples and i love them. The problem is that I can not buy them. So could you guys upload the original full music to a server so i could download them?
  4. Hey guys could you upload these tracks on a server so i could download it? The thing is i love the music but i can't buy it.
  5. Any numbers in hex format. e.g replace 63 in place of xx and you will have 99 points and etc.
  6. yes you can BUT DMA ^^ meaning it would only work in one room ^^
  7. slfjFFGfPFY Yo guys ^^ I'm not going to release these codes yet since i have to play this game from the very beginning with all three characters to find out every digit about all the bosses ^^" so it will take some time though ^^ Well anyway Enjoy the video and this awesome Remix of Rage Awakened by Sasukeshika. His Channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/sasukeshika And also guys My Friend is doing a play through on Sonic DX and after that KH 358/2 Days so be sure to check his channel too ^^ ThaLulz19: http://www.youtube.com/user/ThaLulz19 CODES RELEASED,Special thanks to Roxas The 13th for helping me test the digits
  8. bCIQCiSM-U0 Yo guys just an extra video i made in my spare time for fun It shows Riku,Sora,Roxas and Mickey Fight Terra Sentiment to decide who the real Keyblade Master is and as you can see Roxas gets defeated and in the end Sora defeats Terra so i think you guys know by now who the real Keyblade Master is ;P well Hope you enjoy the video and YES Roxas is attacking Terra not Riku or Sora ^^
  9. thanks ^^ and well because i stole texture,joints,effect and animations from the other Roxas so that Sora is Roxas ^^
  10. Just a fun battle that i thought of doing ,thinking that Roxas and Axel must have sparred at least once when both of them were in the organization so i just made this battle of that sparred that might have happened K8nabmsM0lo
  11. well i remem i was 9 and my bro bought kingdom hearts 1 and when i looked at its cover and the first day i told my bro tht this game is a crap but gradually after we leave Destiny Island and play further into the game i started loving this game and my brother was staring at me on how i was playing tht game
  12. Nice update ^^ hmm also you guys planning on ripping the images fomr the net and rendering them??
  13. Hey guys some random hack i made when i was getting bored so yeah heres the vid of it also here is the code E024F7FF 0034D45C 21CD51C8 58455F57 21CD51CC 00303130 01C9553F 00000005 20191C70 00000000 2032EF0C 80528231 2032EF10 81088109 2032EF14 810B810C 2032EF18 810D810E 2032EF1C 81108111 2032EF20 810A810F 21C6C93C 04040404 21C6C940 00000004 21C95854 5F303131 21C95858 464C5442 21C95874 5F303131 21C95878 464C5442 21C9587C 65736D2E 21C95880 00000074 2036D8E8 61786F72 2036D8EC 00000073 21C95894 000A000D 01C9584F 00000013 2032ED10 0050003E 01C9589F 0000000A 21CE2704 00C000C2 11C556E0 000008F8 21C6C1A4 00FF00FF 20D88694 00000000 20D887B4 00000000 20D88604 00000000 21C957F0 58455F42 21C957F4 00303234 21C957F8 00000000 21C95810 58455F42 21C95814 2E303234 21C95818 7465736D 21C6C01C 00000D48 E004FBFF 0034D45C 2116CE74 00C0DBC0 207C8374 00BFAB40 213047B4 00C1AB40 21304694 00C1AB40 E001FEFF 0034D45C 21C6C018 00000D48 AR MAX: Things Mod:Jokered To R1 Y7ZF-MQXW-BRKJ8 9V6G-20MH-C8GVJ Q4N7-MMPE-CQ3FK DNF6-V0WH-TE8VV HD6X-MZKK-RM084 XX4E-4WK9-9VNV5 DYF4-26RD-NFN22 NYVB-0M8V-GX5VY HE0Z-GE5Y-RBZ53 KNGW-VTK7-XRW2K JRTV-DVC5-XQKDM 1W62-HAVM-71JDV P2K3-BDCK-2FAY4 TYTE-CY7J-K9GX0 40X3-BMCK-NRRUW EMW2-8HWB-BM2DK 62AW-07CQ-381J7 VTGK-XKAK-JJF2Y 8KY8-VRZ2-QQB47 58R2-YFNP-PJBND 8U6V-JWCU-56ERP MTB2-FVN1-F0X75 41HF-B386-GE3EK QD3Y-UQBK-U3JV7 0NBD-P99Q-F87C6 KH1N-6F95-RH1G4 AZ4K-58KT-M93Y3 KG7Z-5MKM-K3TYD U2Q0-9Z2X-X8Z82 BBBH-PV20-QCE1P 4MDW-HCQ9-WN2ZN MTQ6-XV08-2U6P4 0H27-UCDK-KRG3U NZ6Q-MDQ1-2Q259 6TT0-FV3G-NGJ9G UAVW-6R2Q-RN3D4 7R4W-X8HK-2V46D P09P-MMFY-ERTPB 03AH-5PBC-9K2T7 EJCT-U6J4-VDTKZ Textures Mod:Jokered to L1 CHTR-9KX7-49NMG KJEK-QUCQ-3M4QE XGQX-84VQ-UMA8P KXVD-N6NA-0YU20 RPNU-B1XM-WADTQ A22X-1UH9-0BMQ7 03AH-5PBC-9K2T7 Hp Mod :Jokered To L2 0WNJ-4YDD-HCFDQ PWHB-FR7C-HT7WE TDVB-P7AG-KERGW After you go into Terras portal and whatch the scene where he is waking up press and hold R1 till the battle starts.After the battle starts press L1 for the textures and then press L2 to refill bosses HP note you have to lock him press L2 and then lock out and lock in again
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