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  1. Hey was oath_keeper14 you were cool :D hope you are wingin it!

  2. ;) Nice to see you're back
  3. Oh you are back? WHAAAATTTTt?? l still remember meh?;p

  4. Took your time coming back :P

  5. Hey bro! Guess what? Prom is in 2 days for me! Going with my lady for I haven't seen since DECEMBER!

  6. But, I wanted my thread to be in Introduce Yourself! >:(

  7. May the souls guild your unforgiving rest!

  8. Join me friends for the final battle! :)

    1. A mystery

      A mystery

      What final battle?

    2. coolwings


      :D It will all be over soon!
    3. A mystery

      A mystery

      Should I run and grab some popcorn so I can watch? :)

  9. Join me friends for the final battle! :)

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