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  1. Yeah, but many people do. Just check some KH2 videos about these two characters. THE RAGE ON THE COMMENTS SECTION IS REAL.
  2. My tip isn't just to level up. It's level up while on other worlds except for Hollow Bastion or Beast's Castle. That way, grinding doesn't become monotonous or boring. People forget about the other worlds they can level up on. When you level up, you'll truly see how much faster you can deal with coughdancewaterdancemeetthefaceofdespaircough.
  3. I know. Using Drives too much makes them look like something you can use anytime you want.
  4. Before I start, I didn't decide to make this thread to brag about my skills. Please, don't take it the wrong way. I am just making an assumption as to why you can see many people complaining how hard these bosses are and how it's easier to beat them.First of all, be ready before you are about to fight one of these two. Difficulty plays a big role as well. I played on Proud and I didn't have difficulty beating these bosses. Why? Well, while I have played a lot of Kingdom Hearts, what matters the most is that I visited the other worlds first. Which means, I leveled up a lot in any possible way, bought accessories etc. Oh, also using drives is a mechanic of the game. I didn't forget about that. And... Abilities, people. Unlock as many as you can and learn which are better to use AP on.Yeah, I know this thread is extremely short, but that's pretty much it. Have faith on what you can do and be always ready.
  5. Physical just has a different feel to it.
  6. There's nothing wrong with someone being gay, so I don't know. It may bring a lot of hate, though, because there are many people who are against this.
  7. They are both great. Each has its charm and strengths.
  8. http://youtu.be/2KKU9BSPFIE It's my first try on a video like this. It was very quickly made so I think it's kind of crappy. But, if you laughed, leave a like!
  9. Proud for most of the games. In KH1, though, I always go with normal. Critical for Re:Coded.
  10. Just wanted to see if there are fans of this great franchise. ''Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?''
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