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  1. In Japan her original name is Cidney. but the english version calls her Cindy.
  2. All i see is some stupid 1 year old opinion from a member from IGN ,not any official guy who really works there. Everyone with an account can write an blog entry. Or am I seeing things wrong ?
  3. Well thats not so suprising .I would be dissapointed if it would be shorter. 40 hours is the minimum a RPG should take.
  4. How do you know that nomura is mad at square? Did i miss something... because i just thought him stepping back is a normal step ,since his part of the game is finished and its better for him to focus on Kh3.
  5. I´m pretty sure the blond the girl in the trailer is stellar, she looks exactly like her ,and luna is the black haired girl or someone else completly. Just because her name dropped in the trailer doesn´t mean she has to be the only girl that we saw in the trailer ,especially if stella was in most of the trailers regardless if she was mentioned or not.
  6. Nope. I think Luna is a brand new character, maybe the black haired girl on the right in this picutre. Would fit.
  7. Since by this date FF XV probably isn´t even released i higly doubt that. I´m sure we won´t see KH3 before 2016
  8. This is just too awesome. I hope it comes out next summer .
  9. I think the same way. The lucky person who wins can be very happy. Its cool enough from kh13.com to even give away such a cute meow plushie, even though i wish everyone could win
  10. Oh my god this is tooooooooo cute !!!!!! *__* I hope i win, unfortunately my scanner dont scan things that are bigger than DIN A 4 ,so i had to scan my A3 picture twice and then put it together .....well i also made a photo, even though they arent that good either I thought i just upload more pictures of it if its okay Good luck everyone who entered !!!!!!!!!
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