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  1. overleveled, it kinda takes skill time to get to a higher level with a lower level mob.
  2. wireless, you can play anywhere~! and not stuck on the floor because the wire is 2 inches too short to reach ur seat comfortably....
  3. i didnt know this either..... now i wanna go back and see for my self.
  4. i've played melee a lot but never owned it but i do own brawl and i love it. i main lucario and pretty good with marth and kirby and decent with all the rest. i would love to main olimar... just cause. My friends play this game too much for me to not have played it recently... I cant wait to play the new ones coming to the wii u and 3ds. i hope they will be amazing~!
  5. I know of at least 2 malls that have 2 gamestops in them with at least one like atleast 5min away from the mall....
  6. The World That Never Was just because it just looks freaking AMAZING~!
  7. Ninfia<3

    1. Shana09
    2. OathkeeperRoxas


      now all i can think about is how well it would've fit in with the first episode of season 16 if you know what i mean.

  8. Ep 19 of Blue Exorcist is out already? THAT JUST MADE MY WHOLE DAY 10X BETTER!!!!

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