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  1. Im so happy! The day i make my come back on kh13 i get a tribute from a new buddy! Who also happens to have the same bday as me!! I feel so special!!! Ur the best!! <3<3<3<3<3
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJpn4J9EOdE eJpn4J9EOdE ok so this is my first time doing this coding thingie...hope it works ^^ alrighty so i made a christmas viddie called Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies - Kingdom Hearts - for about a good hour me and my friends were trying to think of a good name for it like dance of the sugar keyblades or dance of the sugar heart plums but we just sticked with the original name...anywho tell me what you think about cuz i surely think this is one of my most suckish vids...imma stop rambling now >.>
  3. tululu


    mines is apple and sweet potatoe pie and i enjoyed my thanksgiving!!!
  4. lol i tried!! next week i think ill change my uhh head/hair/hat thingie color
  5. uhhh ok ummm i dnt have a camera with me at the moment so hows this??
  6. me too...there was this one time i was getting off the bus to the airport for a piano recital field trip and i had heels on and the minute i got off i fell down in front of a hundreed of people i dnt even know:( that was soo embarassing
  7. there was this one time wen my step sister ran and jumped on her bed but she forgot that she put her radio on the bed under the covers and she totally landed on it, face first!!! she had a big bruise on her fore head for like a week
  8. im not exactly sure if someone has already posted this...quite frankly i didnt feel like going through 30 something pages to find out either...anywho... Have you ever stood still doing absolutely nothing but some how you fall down?!?! well i mean one time i was talking to my mom and wen i turned to leave her room i stopped and looked at outside the window and suddenly i fell to the ground...i have absolutly know clue as to how that happened...but then again i fall down a lot...im a very clumsy person:blush:...has that happened to you before?!?!?!?
  9. ive been to a concert...it was a concert feat. missy elliot, mya, alicia keys, and beyonce...it was a really good one!! oh yea ive also been to a janet jackson concert
  10. i really dnt like sports and it doesnt help that i go to an all art school but i guess i kinda like the yankees...maybe thats cuz im from nyc
  11. mines would be th eold episodes of scooby-doo, u kno the real olds ones with the guest stars like batman and robin or sonny and cher!!
  12. super mario galaxy final fantasy xiii kingdom hearts birth by sleep
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