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  1. You know what's funny? Monster Factory

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    2. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      alots changed since those times...

    3. Deadshot


      Pokemon Bill, Is that you? No I do not know. I lost my memory of kh13 when coconut fell on my head.

    4. Sora


      DChiuch said he would ban if I ever named my previous account again :(

  2. Runners Up 13) Far Cry 4 12) Wolfenstein: The New Order 11) Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze AND if there we were games instead of DLC: TLOU: Left Behind and Burial at Sea Part 2 10) Persona 4 Arena Ultimax It took what made Persona 4 Arena a great game and build on it by adding in more characters, modes, and a new story to boot. This led it to even being better game than the original while still having the Persona charm that makes series enjoyable. 9) The Wolf among Us It is exactly what you would want from Telltale’s take on Fables, making for one of the best Noir games I’ve played. Creating tone needed and visual style you would want. It had engaging story and characters to make for very enjoyable game. It was also stronger game than the walking was. 8) Child of Light Fairy tales and rhymes are not something you often see done in video games. So it was pleasant surprise that Child of Light did that exactly, it build a fairytale that was touching tale getting to heart of why I like them to begin with. The addition of having game rhyme while not everyone's cup of tea it helped create a world that felt like experience I have not had in game before which I simply loved. Child of Light also did JPRG better than most JRPG have by getting rid of fat of the genre. 7) Mario Kart 8 Like the another Nintendo series that will soon be on this list, it is best game in both of their series. Featuring clever additions to traditional Mario Kart formula and feeling most fluid and balanced than any other in the series. The DLC has brought in great tracks from other great Nintendo series to make people to continue to play this game. 6) Super Smash Bros Wii U What’s there more to be said that has not already been said about Smash 4. Ton of modes available to play, huge cast characters, great multiplayer, fighting gameplay and having eight player smash was nice touch. It simply the best smash yet. 5) Valiant Hearts: The Great War World War 1 is not a topic that is presented in video games, and if it is it usually not represent it well enough. While Valiant Hearts is not perfect representation of World War 1 because it features elements that feel goofy and out of place but majority of the time it captures emotion of World War 1 in easy to understand way and haunting way. It acts as great educational tool to get people interested in the history of it that is not common to many people. The presentation of the game takes Ubi art engine and uses in creative way. Valiant Hearts is great first step for mainstream approach of teaching history in engaging way in video games while using great puzzle game. 4) Shovel Knight Is the perfect love letter to 8-bit games and would have been one of the best NES games ever made. It takes what made those games great and created its own unique take and incorporating modern gaming elements. It also plays the way you remember NES games playing and not how they actually play. It also created great world and characters that make it a very charming game. 3)Stein’s Gate (This game will join #2 on my list on Vita next year). Stein’s Gate takes one of my favourite tropes if you can call it that which is time looping. What I love about time looping is the idea of redoing an aspect recently in your life that you were unhappy with and getting chance to redo it. The outcome is something worse than you imagine, whatever you do to fix what you have done you just make it worse. You go down the rabbit hole of just wanting get things back to normal or the character going through this grows as person. Stein Gate touches on this and more to make it more of most engaging visual novels available in North America and one that equals the level of quality to other great time looping stories like groundhog day, the girl who leapt though time and edge of tomorrow. 2) Dangaronpa 1+2 While these are different games, it is hard to separate them. Dangaronpa 2 while being the better game in the series needs Dangaronpa 1 for the full effect. What I feel Dangaronpa does great is taking premise that seems familiar about kids having to kill other kids and it looks at approach of why someone would do this and outcome of doing this. How it would affect someone involved and how emotional draining that is could be. While these are serious elements it still is willing to have fun and lets you meet a great cast of characters to care about. (Problem with D1 is MC is a tad to cliche and boring like Sora and Yu where MC in D2 has more to relate to by having emotional and tragic aspects to be a more engaging character) Transistor Why Transistor was my favourite game to come out this year over others is for many reasons. Transistor had very unique storytelling method where the world it created and characters were as developed as you wanted them to be. It gave you a chance to ignore background and supporting story points or uncover them. It is one best worlds to be created in a game of this genre because from it has atmosphere and vision games lack. The music adds to atmosphere and features one of best soundtrack in game this year. Transistor felt like fresh, unique and developed game in a year where these type of games were missing.
  3. "Our intention with the last scene was to make it as clear as possible that yes, Korra and Asami have romantic feelings for each other. "
  4. IGN isn't running story on your game and probably won't, because IGN is running business not charity. To waste site resources on an article which let's be honest won't get over 1000 clicks gains nothing for their site and cost them money. MMO also do not the have best covage on IGN to begin with because most MMO's do not fit IGN's target market. You need to look at your game as product and as business if you seriously want to promote it. Which imo you should take step back and look at what would realstic be the best for how to promote your game to your target audience and not just blindly contracting people.
  5. You used to cool, Namikze, you used to cool but look at you now
  6. Proto was here, HEI IS A LOSER

    1. Hei


      you're a turbo punkhead

  7. Update Runners -UpThe Wolf Among UsOddworld: New 'n' Tasty!Rogue Legacy 12) Persona 4: Dancing All Night11) Freedom Wars10) Velocity 2X9) The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth8) Volume7) Fez6) Hohokum5) Murasaki Baby4) Borderlands 23) Natural Doctrine2) Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc1) Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
  8. Update Top 25 Animated Disney Movies (including Pixar) (but not Studio Ghibli) Runners-Up Robin HoodFinding NemoPeter PanPinocchioThe Rescuers 1 and 2 25) Fantasia24) Bambi23) Snow White and Seven dwarfs22) The Little Mermaid 21)Wreck-It Ralph 20) Lady and the Tramp 19) Alice in Wonderland 18) Aladdin 17) The Lion King 16) The Hunchback of Notre Dame 15) Fox and the hound 14) Monsters, Inc. 13) Frozen 12) Toy Story 211) Toy Story 10) The Incredibles 9)The Great Mouse Detective 8) Ratatouille 7) Toy story 3 6) Up 5) Who Famed Roger Rabbit? 4) Wall-e 3) The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 2) The Nightmare Before Christmas 1) Beauty and the Beast
  9. man i sure do miss protoman :'c

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    2. Shana09


      I don't miss some bad old friends of mine, but the good old friends of mine came back so I'm glad.


      Don't you talk to her using Skype or something?

    3. Deadshot


      [4:54:51 PM] proto: [4:52 PM] proto:


      <<< well yeah he talks to me on skype we're practically attached at the hips #bringbackproto



      Also that's sad to hear Cricket

    4. Shana09



      i thought all banned members were unbanned for some reason

      I guess it wasn't those who were perma-banned

      that sucks though :<

  10. Daredevil or Superman. If i want to go out there Rocketter and the spirit are classics
  11. vic mignognaiuwdaijc

  12. Thanks for the kind birthday wishes and quotes they mean a lot and Kiera you did wonderful job.
  13. I could say samething about kingdom hearts Also most 60's to early 00's shows are not very good
  14. And Sqaure considered both games failures, Tomb Raider did real well but none of those games have a name like tomb raider does. Sleeping Dogs sold respectful million copies. I find Big boss more interesting than solid snake but that's not important. But if he wants to evolve the industry sequels to failed games wont be the anwser. Marketing might lose you money on games like that.
  15. Idk if MGS V is but it would probably make more than all four of those games combined. All of those franchises didn't sell well so it might be too big of risk to bring back something a small about of people want which may not be enough to justify the game. Sometimes people want to make games but due to sale concerns they can't it may be why you won't see a sequel to those games. But idk this is my speculation. Also i heard project Ogre is mgs v
  16. Well i assume it's because MGS makes money, MGS V will be big hit. So maybe they'll try something new after that but new ip is risky (the zone of the enders didn't sell well on ps2 nor did Lunar knight on ds). I would love to see new ip for is lead studio, but maybe it's not his choice especially with him trying to get away from Mgs series. Also Konami does Castlevania and *Contra* (but it's been two years) which Kojima production has helped with.
  17. Looking forward to when it comes out on vita But yeah only anwser is peace walker
  18. My unpopular opinions Comics - I prefer indie comics to superhero comics - I'm not big fan of Wolverine, Deadpool and Iron Man - I like Superman more than Batman - I think Daredevil is the best Marvel superhero Movies and Tv shows - I think Game of Thrones has too much sex in it - I'm not big fan of Fight Club or the sixth sense plot twist - Beauty and the beast is a far better movie than the lion king - Other than be prepared most of the songs in the lion king are kinda lame
  19. I wont be on much, if at all today because of bandwidth. Restarts tommorrow

    1. Protoman


      oh god damnit

  20. World's Greatest criminal mind From Great mouse detective
  21. Tv Shows: - Batman: TAS, GL, Young Justice, Superman, Justice League, Spectacular Spidey, Most of the stuff has something to like. DC animated movies line is also usually pretty good. For comics, the way comics are written now, there pretty to jump into but some due to writers are easier than others. Pick up a trade you think looks good. DC: - New 52: Batman, Wonder Woman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Green Arrow, Batman/Superman and Superman: Unchained just started. The New 52 is mixed bag Other good DC stories: DC: The New Frontier, 52, Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman: Earth One, Gotham Central, GL: Rebirth, All Star Superman, Superman: Secret Identity Marvel - Marvel Now: Most of the line, is pretty good. The Avengers titles seem to be little confusing but standouts would be Daredevil, Hawkeye, All New X-men, Superior Foes Of Spider-man, Thor: God Of Thunder , Indestructible Hulk, Avengers Arena, Young Avengers, Nova Other good Marvel stories that new reader friendly: Brubaker's Captain America (2nd Cap movie will take some base from this), Spider-Man: Blue, Astonishing X-Men: By Whedon & Cassaday, Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Brian Bendis & Alex Maleev’s Daredevil, The start of New Avengers. That's good starting point
  22. Well it's probably "Only a Dream" or "For the Man Who Has Everything". I also left off all Bruce Timm stuff mostly, since that i could make it's own list of best bat related stuff he was part of.
  23. Yes, i agree. I heard about the Binding Of Issac sounds like great game and fits well on Vita. I forgot it was coming out this year.
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