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  1. He would kiss tippi once then hop out her window and fade into the darkness as he looked at chad. Maybe next time kid.
  2. i see you all want to know. Well for one im key blade holder, two im going to have to stop you all, and three i like you
  3. how can i not, your so cute. He'd sigh and sit back on to the wall and smile. you wanted to know about me right then ask.
  4. he looked at tippi. So our paths cross again, this time im not attacking or saving you.
  5. He would whisper in chi's ear .despair
  6. He walked off into the dark abyss as he saw to people walk where he was going, he looked at chi and the other calmly.
  7. ..Into a Pile of darkness matter formed material that were impossible for life to survive, thus the boy remained silent as he glared towards the land that has been destroyed by the dark formed orb within him. He'd turn his back on the area that has been turned into a Dark Empty Valley. His black colored coat soon swayed towards the left, to the right. He'd close his eyes again as he left the area, leaving the dark area to a Grave valley of the dark dead. The forest died as the area became one with the dead, the dead of darkness that has been sucked the life out of, the area in thus the life force of the living is dead, leaving their remaining bones to the ground. The Boy would put his smooth like skin palm on the tree, no life has been located within this tree, as though the tree couldnt survive itself from getting its life sucked out of. His palm was released from the tree, as he glared towards his hand, he can see a small like cut in which it is placed on the left side palm, he opened his mouth, revealing his tounge as a simple touch of the blood with his tounge. Licks the blood off his hand as he tasted his own, a slight grin has been heared as he is angered by the area that is supported by the earths extra materials of life, he glared down towards the area, the life like animals soon grabbed kyo by his feet, he glared towards the animals that is trying their absolute best to pull him down, in which kyo would release another dark formed energy in which he moved 90miles away from the area, the microscopic particles soon grow into the Dark ravient, the dark ravient took even more then a 78mile width radius, in thus kyo would point towards the ball with his index finger, soon shooting a black like beam that would destroy the ravient, taking 95miles width radius, the entired forest became a dead valley once again. He'd glare towards the area that is now a dark valley as he walked away from the area, he walked slowly as his coat began to be swayed due to the air of the darkness day, the clouds continued to cover the sun until the clouds dissolved away, soon the sun shined the land, as well as the forest. Soon Kyo would leave the dead valley like forest as he glared towards the others. The shining like has blowed the darkness, but, now kyo would glare towards the others which are a few meters away from him, glances towards the left and right, noticing the location, trying to figure out where are the other people in this room. His bangs cover his eyes as he sat down. Few hours past as he gets up once again, looking around*~ ...nobody here...
  8. ~*A Strange boy would enter the area, his dark red colored hair covered his eyes due to the bangs, his dark colored coat represents his dark element as the darkness day soon begin to happen. The area in which it used to be a play area, now became dead, skeletons would be placed around the area due to the humans that died due to the poison mist which lurked around the forest about a half a mile. The clouds were soon turn to darkness as well as the forest itself, soon covered the sun, as the cloud begins to pour down dark colored rain. The Rain of black is the sign of the mist that has left the area, soon approaching to where he is standing. Kyo would then raise his hand up in the air, his index finger pointed to the dark colored skies in which its covering the bright sun. The Forest soon began to turn black as if the trees were dead, the leafs turned dark purple, the grass became dead as well as the branches and the earth like grounds, that would be a scent of the darkness element that dwells inside of Kyo. His hand is still placed up, pointing towards the skies as his eyes were closed, Before he came into the area, his eyes iris were a dark purple like color as his pupil were like a dagger shape. His eyes opened again, soon his eyes iris changed into a fadish gray color as well as his black pupil like dagger, soon the clouds stop the black like rain, The darkness which crept before him is now a dark like valley, His finger then pointed towards the area around the left sided area that he is pointing with his index finger. The Microscopic particles of darkness soon arises from the ground, and circulate among the tip of his index finger, In a Matter of Seconds, a Dark colored spark would lid from the sides, thus the black colored spark would then shock the whole orb in which is getting created due to the microscopic particles of darkness. The inside core is like a tiny pebble size material in which it would lead the formed particles into a burning like toxin. The Vast land of The Darkness soon begins to give the orb more particles of darkness, once the harnest were at complete, His eyes would soon close again, his dark red colored bangs soon went down, thus covering his entired eyes in which nobody couldnot See his dark fadish color. The scar would be seen on the left side of his cheek due to a certain battle that he has faced apon his past memory. In thus he shot the dark particle around 70 miles away from him, As the Orb went 56miles away from kyo, the orb would extend, soon Destroying nearly a radius of 40miles width, turning the area....
  9. Name: Shironinja Element: Crescent moon darkness Nickname: Shiro or kyoshi Appearance: opening,A Strange boy would enter the area, his dark red colored hair covered his eyes due to the bangs, his dark colored coat represents his dark element as the darkness day soon begin to happen. The area in which it used to be a play area, now became dead, ..My Beauty...Conqured my Heart... Weapons: Dark key blade that looks like a katana Bio: unknown Personality: calm
  10. He sighed calmly and sat on the very top of the clock tower and spoke. Every inch of Blood I have Each Blood Carries My Soul. . .I will Not Fade Away Alone.I Am Taking Everything Away From this World..
  11. He would sigh as he walked into the abyss the darkness so dreadful and ever lasting as he spoke in a calm like voice. ''i see the souls coming here, Bringing them to me, I would seperate them into the darkness, and withered away. After All this time...I would stand by you My Beauty darkness...Threw all of the years...I've always been with you. Threw pain and Refliction, threw every Pain I have endured...I've Handle this Drug. I would Not stand this pain anymore. I watch the area been blown into the darkness, the evening Twilight has arrived among the horizens,
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