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  1. Cut her some slack. For all we know, she's been out of the loop for the past few months and isn't aware of the info ban. I'm sorry I guess I feel bad that we only got little info on KH 3Ds again sorry
  2. no offence but why do people make thread like this? can't you wait a little longer for more info before making thread with a question no one know the answer to.
  3. I made this thread so we can think together and find clues and answers from FM secret ending... On topic now...i will do a recap of BBS:FM secret ending + some thinking and ideas: ~First scene we see Sora sleeping and Kairi coming to wake him up and then number 1 = Pretty simple the beginning of Sora's adventure and KH ~Second scene we see Aqua reaching DiZ and show us number 0= I think this probably means that Aqua in BBS was the point Zero in the story. ~ Then we go all the way back to when Ven's and Terra's keyblade saved Aqua and then we see Zero point.= i think that Zero point is the mark of Aqua's story in the RoD. ~Then we see a huge hole in RoD and Darkness going out= I think this means that Xehanort the Aprentice was doing his experiments. ~Then we see this 0.5= i think this means that Aqua's story takes place between BBS and KH1 in the RoD. ~Then we see Aqua walking and she sees a Castle of Dreams in RoD? i really can't explain this...maybe someone plays games with her? or Castle of dreams fallen to the darkness after BBS events? ~Then the video shows this "A fragmentary passage" and we see Mickey in RoD with his Star seeker=How i get this is that this scene takes place somewhere in the KH1 timeline when Mickey wanted to find the DKK + it connects with Aqua's story being during BBS & KH1 + the fragmantery passage being the reason why Mickey couldn't save Aqua. ~Then Riku with Kairi in Neverland and Donald & Goofy in Traverse town=I think both scenes take place during KH1. ~And now it gets really complicated, we see Kairi in T.Town with the gang in front of the mansion. This isn't possibly to take place during KH2 so it takes place after KH2 and my thinking is that it takes place during KH3D. When Sora and Riku are with Yen Sid, Kairi went to T.Town for some purpose. ~After that we have a scene with Diz probably putting the data inside Sora but then we change to Riku watching Roxas & Xion.=Need help here. ~Finally this is where it gets mind blowing we see Young Xehanort + Ansem + Xemnas + MX= This wants to show us that all these people are MX? i don't think so and i don't know what this scene wanted us to think. And to get things more complicated we see Sora on the tree like in the regular secret ending and then the screen flashes and he's gone + the screen goes to Ven then flashes and he's gone!! Is Ven saved? But how? only Aqua can unlock Castle oblivion... Anyway there you have it...what you think? you have some other ideas? Write it down. thanks to sora4sky on KHinsider for this idea though I was going to do something like this anyway.
  4. I know about TVA but i want to know why Namine, Roxas, Xion and Axel are suffering? since namine and roxas are whole with kairi and sora.
  5. sorry if this is the wrong place for this thread but who looking forward to the square enix confrece tomorrow? and how long would it take for the info from the confrence to appear online.
  6. I have: KH Birth By Sleep KH 1 KH 358/2 days KH 2 KH Re: Coded Future: Maybe KH Re: Chain of Memories, KH 3D and KH 3
  7. thanks this was a truly wonderful scene it almost had my heart bursting out lol
  8. but im the one that told you about it
  9. your too late i find this first haha
  10. watch re: coded in english at Enterprise Communications
  11. can anyone tell me a good website where i can read all the kh manga please? thanks.
  12. what did you first thought of Xion from the trailers and screenshots?
  13. Im sorry if this has already been made a thread but I was wonder when Sora and Roxas fought at twtnw if Roxas had won what would of happened to Sora? someone once told me that Roxas would claim the body but i still unsure.
  14. "nd anyway there is no death in KH." If there weren't any death than explain about Eraqus' death by Master Xehanort.
  15. Merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone
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