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  1. Got back after a long haitus. Lots of crap happened. I mean, LOTS. And it seems I have a bit of catching up to do on KH news as well. Excellent!

  2. Thanks you guys. I just hope it won't take months and months to get internet. Maybe a few months, but nothing like a year. D= I'm gonna miss E3, damnit! ;_;
  3. (Have to keep this short. Bf is waiting for me in the shower...) I'm going to be moving tomorrow to some place without internet, so I won't be on for some time. At least until we work up enough money to be able to afford internet. I may be back from time to time if I get the chance to go up to the library or a MickyD's. I'll see you guys around. Hopefully I won't be gone for long.
  4. Aww. You were one of the best members on here. D= Well, I wish you the best in life, and hopefully you'll be back soon!
  5. Why does moving have to be so complicated? ._.

    1. Junko


      Don't know. It's very annoying

    2. Lt Ultima

      Lt Ultima

      why are u moveing!?

  6. See you later Obsidian. I'll miss your posts. I've always enjoyed them. =)
  7. I... HATE.... PACKING!

    1. Junko


      Where r ya moving to?

    2. Lt Ultima

      Lt Ultima

      why are u moveing?!

  8. Thanks you guys. I really appreciate it. =) I guess it is normal. It does happen eventually. It just happened really quick for me.
  9. ... I'm not too sad that my uncle died today? It's kind of hard to believe he's gone. I was expecting my uncle who had to move in with my parents because his health isn't so good to go first. I guess I can't be too surprised though; he was addicted to pain killers for years, though he was off of them for two weeks before he passed. I wasn't really close to the guy though. He hardly ever called, unless it was when he was drunk and/or high and it was the middle of the night, and only visited us once or twice. He was at nearly every family gathering though. I was crying when my parents called me with the news, but now... it almost feels like it didn't really happen. It does matter to me; he was family. But... I'm just not sad about it now. I don't really understand why. What really worries me is how my dad is taking it. It's the second person he's lost in a year. First his mom, then his brother. And he's got another that could be on his way out. I just hope his sanity can hold up, with how bad his depression can get... It's an awkward situation, and I don't really know how to handle it or anything. Maybe this is just a part of how I'm grieving? Maybe I don't really care about it? I just don't know...
  10. I'm on the fence about this one. While the gameplay was fun, it was awkward seeing how Sora, Donald, and Goofy stood out in that world. It was strange seeing realistic-ish people next to them, and with there being such dark scenery. (Seriously, where was the sun at in Port Royal!? It wasn't always night in the movies!)
  11. Very true, but I'm usually one of those lame people that find even old memes amusing. *shot*
  12. Uuuugh! Can't listen to music! And I really need to listen to some music right now before I get grumpy. >.<

    1. terraxaqua34


      Go on Youtube or Playlist.


  13. ^ That, and I'm sure he would have taken Aqua with him if he found her. While Riku was shown to be in the Realm of Darkness in KHII (when he gave Sora and company the box with the picture and ice cream), he definitely did not run into Aqua.
  14. Nice. I'll have to wait 'til my bf gets home so I can steal his headphones.
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