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Hey, decided to snoop around I see? Formerly known as Oath_Keeper14 and I am 22. I'm pretty chill and I don't mind having a chat with anyone. You have to PM me tho because arrow chat doesn't work for me on android.
I was active here when Kh13 had that aqua banner so early 2010? I know I lurked this site for a year before I decided to actually start an account here, I found this site trying to find kh fan fiction and roleplaying sites and I ended up finding a fan fiction section on KH13 (Yes kh13 has/d a fan fiction section, they were mainly written by user named jupiterlightning.) I got hooked to their fan fiction as well as this website. I took a long time off of this site for personal reasons/lack of time/life taking over. I will pop in more frequently. Is is more of a 'soft' return rather than a full fledged come back that warrants an 'I'm back!' thread.

I played most kingdom hearts games with the exception of kh3d,and Union X (cross? idk they changed the name recently)

I like games with action/Rpg elements with rich story, characters, world, and gameplay.

I also like Survival horror games.

I only like a few select shooters like Zombie Army Trilogy, and Overwatch.

For Music I like epic cinematic/classical music with/without dubstep and cinematic rock. I do like alternative rock and some hip-hop and rap as well.

I do like anime I have seen black butler, some fairy tail, One punch man, and more and I can't quite remember now.

Add me on twitch (I don't stream but yeah):




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