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  1. KH13. A site made by young, for preteens, yet has the content rating XXX. We enjoy the fapping material.
  2. Hopefully you are having fun in Florida, bro.

  3. Try playing Amnesia or Penumbra. Then you'll know scary.
  4. Even without the 'es' it still isn't correct. 'Soy' refers to who you are. ex: Yo soy un hombre. I am a man. You should've wrote 'Yo estoy enfermo.' 'Estoy' refers to where you are, how you feel, your condition, or it can be put before an action. ex: Estoy corriendo. I am walking. Estoy triste. I am sad. Estoy perdido en la ciudad. I am lost in the city.
  5. My opinion isn't wrong. Just different from yours. You are correct when you say that not everyone who watches anime is a weeaboo, but there are a few people who are into anime, manga, etc., just because it is Japanese. ex. My cousin watches anime, but rarely. He likes the scenarios and action, but he couldn't care less that it's Japanese. Not a weeaboo. A guy I know does not watch American television, but goes on the Internet to watch anime, because in his mind, 'Japan > America.' That's a weeaboo.
  6. Here is the average life of a weeaboo. Taken from the ED page for 'Wapanese', found here. Now that we got that over with, here are some other things that describe them: Watching shitloads of anime definently makes you a weeaboo, in my opinion. Shitty cosplaying isn't wapanese. Cosplaying all the time is wapanese. Going online and ordering Japanese foods, like 'bentos and pocky.' They always call Japan, 'Nippon-desu ^_____________^'. A weeaboo spends 59% of their time spent in their bedrooms watching anime, reading mangas, cosplaying in front of a mirror, watching hentai while fapping/schlicking, going on Japanese-related forums or chat sites, and obsessing over everything made in Japan. The other 40% is going to conventions. The 1% is what normal people do like eating.
  7. Whether you do or don't, what is your outtake on fate/destiny?
  8. My legs are stiffer than Eterna at a RoxSox Convention

  9. Easter was /b/oss.

  10. (Did not search, move this if you want to) Things I hate: Anime Fandom / Pairings Weeaboos Emos Furries Hipsters Heterophobes Girls who are gay for attention Attention whores in general People who sit at dances Reality shows Reality shows about people from Jersey People from Jersey Jersey Guys who show off their 'bodies' on Facebook Girls who advertise what they aren't selling People who are proud because they are 'popular' on the Internet Penis in my Chatroulette? Screamers Troll links Those awkward moments when I daydream and I don't even realise I'm staring at someone The Anti-French. The French aren't THAT bad. Car commercials The fact that cats dislike me, but dogs rape my leg the moment I'm in view That itch that I can't scratch because I'm in a public area When I sit on my sensitive areas Ppl woh cant taek da tim 2 spll dcentle. HEIL DAS GRAMMAR! People who only think things are funny because their friends said it That firetrucking duckface pose Waking up with open condom wrappers on my bed When the girl(s) I like is/are gold diggers When the foriegn exchange students think I'M weird Thou who shuneth, prior to sampling When I check my camera to find a photo of my uncle's hairy ass on my face while I was sleeping The over-religious Those who abandon their own culture for another. I'm fascinated by a lot cultures, but that doesn't mean I have to give my own people the finger. Racists Antarcticans Hypocrites U mad?
  11. Easter was awesome today, I had a Honey /b/ake/d/ ham.

    How was your Easter?

  12. It's hanging like /b/alls, man

  13. How's it hangin /b/ro

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