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  1. My Keyblade of choice is Ends of the Earth! That keyblade is just so majestic and powerful! I love it!
  2. I only live to protect my friends & everyone I care about. The sheild is my weapon.
  3. Yeah, just because there's a trailer for the movie doesn't guarantee that'll be in the game. The only worlds we are positive showing up in KH 3 are Destiny Island, Twilight Town, & The Keyblade Graveyard.
  4. Okay, who has the better right to beat the living shit out of Xehanort? Ventus or Terra?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Zola
    3. Caxkj


      I could see Xemnas filling that role, Zola.

    4. Nero Kunivas

      Nero Kunivas

      Interesting Zola...I think maybe Young Xehanort would be most likely because TIME TRAVEL!!

  5. I kinda want to see a non-disney world in a kingdom hearts game. Something anime like Space Dandy, Full Metal, Black Butler, or One Piece!!

    1. Xiro


      Whell, I know FMA and Kuroshitsuji, among others, are in Square's Gangan Comics, so you never know...

    2. Javelin434
    3. Sora96
  6. khsora

    Tangled OR Frozen?!?!

    I say Frozen because it's more of an adventure. With Frozen, you get to go on a quest through blizzards & snow, the whole town is in danger of freezing over, and plus the boss battles would be cool. You could get a chance to fight marshmallow or beter yet, Hans!
  7. Terra looks like he's 27 to me. Yet every one still calls him a boy or a younge man. And aqau looks like she could be 25 or sothing like that.

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    2. khsora


      So if ven is around 14-15 in birth by sleep, will he also be in his 20's in KHIII?

    3. Dracozombie


      He probably hasn't aged without his heart (don't question Nomura logic).

    4. khsora


      I hope he does. That would be badass!


  8. Sora looks cool, but the disney characters like Goofy, look creepy.
  9. They should have the team that developed Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II develope Kingdom Hearts III.
  10. I REALLY hope they adjust the animation with this because what they showed is just terrible.The comands and what the story seems to be so far, that looks awesome!! Aqua might finally find her way out of darkness!!
  11. Is it true what they say about Kingdom Hearts III coming out in 2014 or later!?

    1. Oishii


      There is no confirmation on that so it's just a rumor.

    2. Bolt


      Well it sure isn't coming out this year.

    3. Weiss


      It's coming out in 2014 as a SEGA Dreamcast exclusive.