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  1. If Sora is not in smash, Ill be fine with it honestly. He is one of the few characters i actually care about regarding smash bros, but its perfectly fine if he doesn't make it
  2. My vote is all of dm except for chain of memories on da advanced, dat sucked
  3. Out of all da KH games out right now, which do u guys believe is da best ntil KH3 comes out in the future?
  4. I already hav about 10, but im selling a few of dem
  5. My guess is you're awesome, but thats just an off the top of my head assumption biy.How da hell am i retarted 4 being curious?!!!!!
  6. I dont think dat works, da organization didnt exist back den, so how wud dey create him?
  7. after watching da secret ending 4 re:coded, it makes me wonder....wat exactly is xehanort planning 2 do now....wat do u guys think?
  8. i dont care lakiya. ur parents could kill 4 all i care. it doesnt matter 2 me. all i care about is ur love, and nothing more, nilus stated as he grabbed lakiya, and kissed her on da neck
  9. But remember the unknown in KhFM, and he turned out 2 b xemnas...it all depends
  10. "Ok...dats it, i cant hide it anymore...Lakiya, i love you!!". Nilus said as he kissed her lips and hugged her..."Im sorry, but ive loved u 4 a very long time. Im sorry if i did dat. but i just want u 2 no
  11. Finally..maybe now i can tell her how i feel. But wat if she laughs at how about i feel about her. U can never watss going on inside some1 elses heart. PErhaps...i should tel her da truth about my feelings..."well were here lakiya, lets go", as nilus grabbed her hand and helped her off da bus
  12. I said cheer up, but dats not all. i saw myself in my thoughts confess my love. It was a beautiful sight, but wil it ever happen. i hope, i really hope she feels da same way. maybe...its not meant 2 b
  13. I was walking and i saw her again...her smile wud light da darkest sky, and her beauty exceeds dat of an angel, if only she knew how much i loved her........
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