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    "Yeah Shin, but if where lucky that boy will just randomly pop up here but I highly doubt it, but first thing is we must inform the other captains as well and once we all know we will begin our search," Reed said. "Guess I will go to the academy to get Ichigo to help us you go tell the others," he said as he took off towards the academy.
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    "Yes he was target that's for sure I just wish that I actually knew what power is really inside that boy," Reed said as he and Shin kept walking. "And now it looks like everyone going crazy over this hollow incident."
  3. Cross sat in the middle of what had once been Thenasis, all that was left of the old capital was ruins. "This is what happens when people fight so why don't people learn from it," He said. He layed back looking at he sky. "The sky is so clear here though for a place that had a terrible past," He said smiling. Cross layed there for a little while longer before starting the what he had to do. He spent the next few hours searching around the area for an entrance to the Underground. The Underground was the only area of the city that had still been active after the destruction but had been thought to have been shut down but a few days ago it had reactivated and that was Cross's reasons for coming here. As he entered the central are of the Underground he went to the main computer. "It seems like the it hasn't been touched for years, but the system is activated probably by an outside source guess I better shut it down," he said. As he was about to shut it down he saw an unusual file. "This is, but why is something like this here of all places could it be that this system was giving information about the Malbone to someone for years why hasn't it been noticed till now," Cross said.
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    "Yeah I fought the hollows, the cause was a boy but he disappeared before I had a chance to take him," Reed said. "I should have noticed he was gone but hopefully we can find because if the hollows get him I don't think even we would be able to stop them."
  5. truex-blade


    Reed sat on the wall as he normally did thinking about the days events. (I swear today has not been good day, Two strange kids in one day and they both disappear on me.) "Why does it only happen to me," he said. A few people ran past him. "Well I guess everyone is in a rush from what happened today," he said. He jumped down from the wall he sat on and began to walk. "Guess I will go check with the other captains," He said as he walked off towards the main building in the soul society.
  6. Cross had just left Hachi's office after recieving his mission. "I don't like that guy, but orders are orders I guess," He said walking down the hall. "Well better get some breakfast before I start,"he said. After eating he had grabbed all his equipment and headed out. A few hours later he arrived at his destination Thenasis.
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    Reed had been to busy keeping the hollows at bay to notice Shenji had been taken. It was when the hollows stopped appearing that he noticed. "Damn I hope that kid is safe," He said sheathing his weapon. Guess I will fund nothing else out here guess I'll make my return," He said. He looked around the area. "I don't want to see a hollow for a while," He said as he opened the door to the Soul Society.
  8. Princess Zelda Outside or Inside?
  9. "What is it I was just trying to sleep," Cross said as he opened the door. standing there was a man with grayish black hair that looked to be in his mid forties with blue eyes in a military uniform. "You're Cross right," The man said. "Yes may I ask who's asking," Cross replied. "I am General Hachi I am here tell you that from today on I am you new commanding officer so you're to come recieve your missions from me got that," General Hachi said. "Sir," Cross said. "Report to my office at 7:00A.M tomorrow got it so don't be late," Hachi said which was followed by his departure. "A General, really," Cross said as he layed back in bed and went back to sleep.
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