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  1. I haven't been here in a long long long,very long, time....So how is everything?

    1. Reyn


      Its good. KH 1.5 is coming out, so we're all excited. Well, those of us who've never played KHFM and Re:COM are.

    2. FireVentus


      Well,I own everything in that collection,rather I'm looking forward to it's artbook.

    3. EternalReckoning


      hiya, good too meet you xD it must have been a long time.

  2. FireVentus

    rate my yugioh deck

    Your deck is an okay deck,but you'll get raped by the new meta decks
  3. FireVentus

    Your Superpowers

    IF I had super powers I would like to have the power to control fire and shape into anything I want or to control people like puppets.
  4. FireVentus

    Favorite Anime Character Theme!
  5. FireVentus

    How far are you in KH3D?

    I am taking my time I am no longer being a speed demon like you guys.Why not try to play the game as best as you can in which you will feel of playing for more.
  6. I would have to say that it is a great game that I have played in my hands thus far,but it is not my favorite(yet?) because my favorite happens to be Birth By Sleep and I simply find the game better then 3D not by gameplay,worlds,abilites,or etc,but by the impact of the story and how everyone is waiting for the Birth by sleep from Sora
  7. FireVentus

    Share Your Pics of KH3D

    I'm too lazy to pick up my camera to take a pic,but know this that I will do this quest.I'm just lucky enough to get my pre-order in because I obtained the last out of five MOM edition at the Gamestop I had pre-ordered It(One hour after the store just opened).Though waiting in line I had saw people unable to get the game because they had not pre-ordered it.All I can say is go to Target and get the pre-order ar cards with it and you will get $10 back in a gift card.
  8. FireVentus

    Who wants KH3 to be on the PS3?

    I personally want it on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 because I would like it on the 360 more than the PS3 though I have both.
  9. FireVentus

    The Amazing Spider-Man

    All I was thinking during that time was that guy with the star on his wrist.
  10. FireVentus

    Pokemon Conquest Pre-Order Codes There might be a reading mistake as many people have been confused with the lower case m actually being a "r" and a "n".
  11. I'm speechless,but no Nomura doesn't have that in mind.If you want that go to Kojima and play Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker.That is aall I have to say
  12. FireVentus

    What is your favourite band?

    Avenged Sevenfold
  13. Where is the mayonnaise?

  14. It's over 9000!

    1. Queen Tery

      Queen Tery

      It's overused!

    2. FireVentus


      I know I was bored and knew nothing to write about


  15. FireVentus

    khgirl4ever Hate Thread

    Funny Bolloywood Movie or this skit....I can't stop watching both....