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  1. Five. Kingdom hearts BBS could of done better.
  2. Well, for me it's hard to start ejoying it in the begining (i really don't know why though) and the gummi ship was pretty annoying. But i do think the game is really fun.
  3. I would want DI to be playable, the story a bit longer (but it is long if you try to complete entirely everything like geting all the commands, beating the arena missions and stuff like that), and i would also like to change deep space to exotic beach or something like you. But i do like the game alot.
  4. Good explanation of how they are not gay.I never really even though of Sora and Riku in that sort of way.
  5. I'm Leo, and i guess I kinda fit in the picture.
  6. Its posibly cause Sora has more power, strong, knows magic and stuff like that.
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