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  1. O.O I...I won? whoa! that was a very big surprsie o.o I didn't think that old thing was gonna pull through...but I'm very happy none the less ^_^ this contest was great! I had fun thanks Sora96 for hosting it and giving me that three extra days I needed for the vid:D thanks to everyone else who supported me on this~ means so much!*hugs* I hope I can enter the next contest and see everybody there:3 I think your guys's vids were great to~
  2. As for clips, cept...there pictures is that allowed?
  3. o___o um...are kh pics allowed? the vid am doing is very different from my others >.>
  4. Awesome, I'll do my best Hey Tricia-chan! good luck to you! looks like its just the two of us lets do our best
  5. xXFire22x


    Um, okay..Good luck with that heh heh welcome to the forums~ have fun and enjoy your stay! : D later~
  6. xXFire22x


    Welcome bud~ please enjoy your stay here and don't touch the cookies~ jk:p have fun~
  7. Hiya! welcome...Aqua can I be called Axel? : D heh heh, enjoy your stay pal. Chat with meh sometime ;3 if I'm on
  8. xXFire22x


    Nice name~ welcome bud enjoy your stay! see you around...I think man, I'm getting lazy x_x
  9. its time to start the plan > : D .... Jk welcome man. Hope you enjoy your stay
  10. miss you buddy! *coughs* welcome by the way~*winks* I take it you've enjoyed your stay?
  11. xXFire22x


    Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay
  12. I'm to tired to write somethin...I hope I made it just in time x_x
  13. Heya! welcome to the forums. Yeah, I read Fanfiction all the time mainly kh Axel ones ;3 I make a few myself x3. If ya ever wanna chat, let me know~ later!
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