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  1. what you guys dont see this when your going by on the freeway?
  2. sunflower seeds. thats only advise i have.
  3. it looks like kh1 and 358 came together in a nice way. interesting new combos with some nice portable graphics. a definite buy.
  4. this is relevant to my interests. you have my attention again.
  5. from my estimates its late may. if you count the months from 358/2 days in its Japanese to English release is about 5 months. so thats from beginning of January to the end of May
  6. I...HATE...THE STUPID...CUTSCENES!!! they were so annoying! i only watched any of them around day 250 and up for the sake of my love of kingdom hearts! it was sooooo monotonous that i wanted to rip my ears off!
  7. too easy. but i think it was ment to be easy cuz it wasnt the final boss battle. xion was. riku was just there to fill the deep dive story line.
  8. actually zero gear is the shizznat if you use two becomes one. its the best ever. oh and i dont see how it took you guys so long to get zero. i got the last bit of points in like two days. of course i didnt spend much points anyway.
  9. way higher for sure. this is honestly the best ds game ever. it deserves more.
  10. dual wielding all the way even though it wasnt mentioned
  11. you do know that happened...all of it...*intense stare* ......fight the power!!!
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