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  1. no i just havent played them in a whileeeeeee .
  2. no its a completely different keyblade its called Rascal Flame two completely different keyblades .
  3. 1. okay so in kingdom hearts when sora was in the room with all the princesses of heart when he stabbed himself with the keyblade and when he turned into a heartless thats when roxas was born. 2. In Kingdom Hearts in the end of the world sora defeated ansem? 3. Riku=Ansem? 4. Ansems nobody is Xemnas? 5. Ansem is whos heartless? 6. Roxas, Xion, and Sora are all the same person? 7. who is xhenort? 8. who is Diz? 9. vanitas = ven? 10. ven = roxas? im sooooo confused please help!!!
  4. well i looked on http://gameinformer.com/games/kingdom_hearts_birth_by_sleep/b/psp/default.aspx the information seems accurate .
  5. The official release date is June 1st 2010 .
  6. THE RELEASE DATE IS JUNE 1st 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:
  7. at this point i am totally confused . i believe i started getting confused when square enix started throwing in Ansems nodbody and ansems heartless and Xhenort and Master zeanort im just soooo confusedd .
  8. mmkay so knowing that i am thee craazedd KHBBS fan that i am i just had to go to http://www.play-asia.com and order myself a copy of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep but my question is with thee new command system did anyone who already own this have a hard time playing it? because im nervous about thiss ):
  9. lmfao yeahhh i wish that square enix would add more keyblades that have to do with like thee actual game rather than disney keyblades not that i have a problem with them .
  10. i <33 Sora i mean come on without him the kingdom hearts franchise wouldnt be where it is now would it? because everything in KH links back to sora and his memorys .
  11. Based on BBS What is your favorite keyblade so far? Mine would have to be Lost Memory . mod edit: for the people that don't want to download the image.
  12. omgg i would much rather have Wonderland back ;; Alice In Wonderland was my all time favorite movie and it always will be . i am also dissapointed that Wonderland didnt make an appearance in KH Birth By Sleep but its okay because they have DWARF WOODLANDS!
  13. heey guys my name is ZexionTheWise and i am 13 years old and i am dude . i am very happy to be part of kh13.com because i am looking forward to seeing the latest news that this website has to offer(: but anyways im new so please be nice(:
  14. I just finished the game as we speak and it was a horrible ending im sorry but they could have seriously done better i am so mad right now... AND ON TOP OF THAT NO SECRET ENDING? I BOUGHT A DSI JUST FOr THIS GaME!! I AM DOING THE SAME FOR BBS SO LETS HOPE ITS BETTER LOL
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