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  1. Figured I'd link this here as well. Just made it on a whim because I liked the songs but thought some parts sounded better in the English version while others sounded better in the Japanese version.
  2. How about hollow bastion? It was shown in the original KH2 trailer looking the same as KH1 Hollow Bastion, and then it changed dramatically. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=kdZAOtcuvBc#t=65
  3. You can now preoder the Kingdom Hearts III game from newegg for PS4....that's not the surprising part though. You can also preorder it for the Xbox One........wait what...... Not sure if everybody already knew and it's just me that was in the dark about it being released for both the PS4 and XBone. Hope maybe Square Enix decides to port it to PC. newegg:Link Official KHIII site,has XBone logo at bottom of site:Link
  4. the arm is'nt a model change,thats an issue with PCSX2 due to upscaling.if changed to the native ps2 rsolution it doesn't happen. thats without upscaling on PCSX2,without messing with shadeboost,and without adding Anti-Aliasing.and yes compared to the way that the ps2 plays it,the game looks significantly better,but those improvements are due to better hardware allowing upscaling,which you can do most everything except the textures and the few model changes where they smoothed out soem angles,using the original game and PCSX2. your kidding right? watch this video,this person records with intensive mods on kingdom hearts which would crash the ps2,and with 60fps and the the PCSX2 team also showed it running on a relatively average system. and if there is any lag it's due to recording while playing,which stresses the system hardware more than emulating the game.
  5. I might get it,although if I did it'd be for the HD RE:COM,never did finish playing RE:COM,didn't see the point as I'd already played through COM on gameboy, it's brighter because I wanted to add more contrast and saturation to it without distorting their natural skin tones too much.
  6. I'll give you that,I didn't see the shoulder,and that does look better,but that's the only model difference I see. the shoes are simply higher resolution textures,because you can see them in mine as well they are just faded due to upscaling the resolution. also here's one of my better ones that allow clear it up a bit.
  7. you do realize the changes you pointed out were all textures right? the only changes to the models that are seen are due to the slight difference in timing for the cutscene.
  8. I'm pointing out that if you actually took the time to optimize the shadeboost in PCSX2 for the correct levels of contrast,saturation,etc you'd get very similar results to their new version,mine doesn't look as good because I spent all of 30 seconds optimizing it.would the textures still be blurrier,yeah,but would the results be seriously close,yes. No,no I'm not. I'm comparing an emulator to the real deal. I'm comparing Roxas to Sora [] the emulator has to do more work to output the same result. so even if you compare two different hardwares the amount of work that the pc has to do evens the playing field,that is unless the pc your referring to is high end. the lighting and color can be fixed by shadeboost like I said,if you optimized the settings it would have virtually the same color scheme.
  9. they upped the resolution for the textures of some of the things to make it clearer and changed the contrast and saturation a bit,but other than that it's the same thing. my screenshot from PCSX2 with badly optimized Shadeboost their new KH 1.5HD
  10. what do you mean it doesn't matter. if it's better quality then they can use these. if they have better quality you'd have betetr quality. so how does it not matter? ikr although not sure what you mean about the thanks square part,what did they do?obviously they made the game but...
  11. well judge for yourself,which is better quality. everglow skip to 5:00 http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEyaDzFpba0&feature=player_detailpage#t=300s kh13 current http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTEpRYyJ0Iw xXMasterJ360Xx http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCBm4meHiAo
  12. I haven't played dream drop distance but I've played all the other games and I find it hard to believe that it could be harder than lingering sentiment. I still haven't beat him,and I beat kh2 sephiroth on my first try and kh1 sephiroth took a long ass time.
  13. I think they should,I put it up so they would see better quality is possible.although I can't find the capture backplate mentioned in the video anywhere,and I've seen multiple users with the capture card footage so it's not just some fake stuff. EDIT:found it apparently they send it in to this one guy and he solders on a separate circuit board. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwVaQAq240c&feature=channel&list=UL
  14. These videos do not belong to me,they belong to to youtube user xXMasterJ360Xx ,if you like these videos,like them on youtube and subscribe to him. warning the content below contains playthroughs and cutscenes of kingdom hearts dream drop distance
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