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  1. god its been a while since iv gotten on here

    1. Enix


      It been like 4 years. kek

    2. Oli


      We missed you

    3. KeybladeLordCheeseCurd


      New stranger!! *tacklehug*

  2. Sea salt ice cream is delicious!!!!!

    1. Joker


      ive had it before.kinda tastes like cookies and Cream

  3. Name: demona moon Age: 15 Appearance: has long brown hair and reddy eyes. Personality: pretty demonic and cruel. Deep down she's nice and loving Race: (Any race is fine) light elf. Bio: was pretty much left for dead at a young age. Around 4 a thief dark elf took her in and raised her in the dark arts. Gender: female Power: (If any) can make sudden blinding lights for short amounts of time Weapon: (If any) hidden blades and small sword Kingdom: doesn't relaly go for any. She'll steal info for once to get paid by the other and vice versa Extra: (Anything else you want to add?) not really.
  4. You know those days were everyone seems to want to hurt you and everything. Yeah its 2 am and that's how feel right now. I'm close to fully breaking down now so yay

  5. ( people please come back. Baby come back you can blame it all on callis~)
  6. Anyone a member on quotev.com

  7. Anyone want to rp? If so start a chat with me please~

    1. Sandra_Nedelcheva1998


      Are ou intrested in 1x1 or a rp involving more people?

    2. demy1077
  8. I'm so bored. Some one please talk to me.

  9. Demona shivered as he left before chasing after him. " damnit" she whispered as a bit if heat leaped at her. As she burst through the open doors demona summoned her blade up and dashed straight at musashi ready to cut his hand off.
  10. Demona stared wide eyed before grabbing the orb. She didn't what would happen if it broke so se held it closely to make it surfeit couldn't." Leave retria be and I'll give you the orb" she said stepping behind ekindu.
  11. Demona blushed and looked around the wall tempted to touch it. Finally temptation got the better of her so she touched the wall trying to figure out of it actually burned one. Just as she placed her hand on it she yelled and pulled it away looking at the charcoal colored skin.
  12. Demona shook her head and let a few tears flaw down her tanned cheeks. " if I don't Come alone and help I could never call myself a retria soldier" she said clenching her fists tightly b
  13. Demona followed holding back the urge to grab his hand. Truth be told she was scared of what was happening or what was going to happen. " janes I'm scared" demona whispered looking up at janes.
  14. Demona pouted and nodded. " okay" she said pouting still. She frowned after awhile and grabbed another one real quick. " just invade one can control water" demona said.
  15. demona blushed and nodded.she then looked at the map instrested. " what if a few are there keeping guard so we cant get items" demona asked thinking through scenarios. she traced her finger on a route and smiled. " they'll probably have guards looking out to the front and one or two inside so we can sneak in through the back if there's an opening and sneak through hidden areas or one of us keeps going while the other distracts the guards" she said happily.
  16. demona nodded slowly and stood up." i doubt im much help but ill try to do all i can to beat those jerks" she said anger lacing her words. she then summoned up her blade and grabbed james hand. " water and fire beatin gthe crap out of earth and air" demona said happily.
  17. ( we should but its probably dead again) demona stared in horrer at the few dead bodies just laying about." no this is just a dream" she thought as she realized the numb feeling. as that thougth burst through her she sat straight up and looked at james. " what happened" she asked.
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