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  1. god its been a while since iv gotten on here

    1. Enix


      It been like 4 years. kek

    2. Oli


      We missed you

    3. KeybladeLordCheeseCurd


      New stranger!! *tacklehug*

  2. Sea salt ice cream is delicious!!!!!

    1. Joker


      ive had it before.kinda tastes like cookies and Cream

  3. Name: demona moon Age: 15 Appearance: has long brown hair and reddy eyes. Personality: pretty demonic and cruel. Deep down she's nice and loving Race: (Any race is fine) light elf. Bio: was pretty much left for dead at a young age. Around 4 a thief dark elf took her in and raised her in the dark arts. Gender: female Power: (If any) can make sudden blinding lights for short amounts of time Weapon: (If any) hidden blades and small sword Kingdom: doesn't relaly go for any. She'll steal info for once to get paid by the other and vice versa Extra: (Anything else you want to add?) not really.
  4. You know those days were everyone seems to want to hurt you and everything. Yeah its 2 am and that's how feel right now. I'm close to fully breaking down now so yay

  5. ( people please come back. Baby come back you can blame it all on callis~)
  6. Anyone a member on quotev.com

  7. Anyone want to rp? If so start a chat with me please~

    1. Sandra_Nedelcheva1998


      Are ou intrested in 1x1 or a rp involving more people?

    2. demy1077
  8. I'm so bored. Some one please talk to me.

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