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  1. Yo I've been on the site for 5 years

  2. Hey everyone I'm back (again I know) but I just wanted to talk about a show that's very special to me in a lot of ways making friends and its the first time I in a long while that I've enjoyed an anime that much to the point where right now its my favorite anime and manga currently. So I just wanted to ask everyone who is your favorite JoJo and your favorite part? My favorite JoJo as of right now is Joseph. Joseph is best JoJo and my favorite part currently from reading is Diamond is unbreakable. So chat about your favorite JoJo and part just please no spoilers.
  3. Platinumed Type-0 HD finally

  4. My final fantasy type-0 Collecter's Edition has finally shipped

    1. KHLegendIII


      Mine hasn't shipped yet...

  5. Welcome to KH13 even though you've already been here for a while before you made your account. Enjoy your stay!!
  6. hyperdimension neptunia rebirth 2? Should I buy

  7. Well as the title says what's your favorite anime? I have two that I can't decide which one I like more. Gurren Lagann and Yu Yu Hakusho. So what are your's?
  8. Has anyone played the hyper dimension neptunia games? If so would you recommend it? I'm think of buying rebirth 2 for Vita but I'm not sure if I should buy it yet or not.

  9. persona q hype let's gooooooo

    1. Joker
    2. Joker


      Im gunna choose P3 story line first when ever i get it

    3. verdesthe


      Yeah it's better that way from what I hear since Fuuka has a healing spell in the beginning. It's Etrian odyssey hard making a lot harder than persona

  10. Oh I have so many subs today at school thank god

  11. Tales of hearts r comes out tomorrow. The hype is real

  12. Well that's good being in a highschool with somewhat good wifi makes this a lot easier plus none of the the teachers look at our laptops really so i'm not seen on this site and hopefully they don't block this website
  13. I guess that's a possibility even though I'm at school right now we have laptops so I'm able to check the site whenever I want at school
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