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  1. Mine is Aqua Story. But I like also Terra and Ventus one.
  2. Well but they were there resting... also Even went against Xemnas in RE:CoM. Also in the time they were Xaldin and Vexen they ddint have the yellow eyes of Xehanort like Saix and Xigbar
  3. Vexen and Xeldin arent one of the seekers, confirmed in Dream Drop Distance cutscenes
  4. What if one of the foretellers didnt accept xehanort plan? Like the Pegasus foreteller. Since as we know twilight mansion is full with Pegasus statues, and that could his place to be protected from the other foretellers
  5. yeah....vanitas has the yellow eyes, and xehanort try ventus to be his vessel but ventus didnt accept the darkness.... so that means 4 chair are left.
  6. Ok. We know this: Xehanort, Young Xehanort, "Ansem", Xemnas, Braig, Isa. 6 are left (to complete the 12 seekers that he got atm, he still need 1 more.) He like "say" Terra is one , so that means 5 are left to guess. As we know xehanort has the keyblade of the 6th foreteller. Young Xehanort didnt have that keyblade till later on. What if, the 6th foreteller told xehanort a way to re-made the Keyblade war, and told him to allow his heart inside him? If that happen, that will explain the Dream we see in KH X, in wich a person in org.Coat talks to the other *5* foretellers. Since Xehanort has the 6th foreteller heart inside of him, he will be that person too : Xehanort + 6th foreteller, that way it was possible for him to travel back in the time (the self that will be waiting in that destination will be the 6th foreteller) before the keyblade war and convince the 5 foretellers with tomes of prophecys to be the other 5 darkness and accept xehanort heart. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlL2VAiYWI0
  7. Well before the keyblade war the worlds were connected to one another
  8. Sorry but I had to remove your signature because the GiF is too large. Please choose another and have a great night!

    1. VentusXlll


      Ah ok, dont worry

  9. Ok thanks, will wait then :smile:
  10. KH 13 just got the 1.5 HD cutscene. The 2.5 HD arent out yet here
  11. Any idea where i can get KH 2.5 -> KH 2 and BBS Cutscenes?
  12. Yeah, now the question is why does twilight mansion have unicorns? Does twilight town is a zone of daybreak town? - Land of departure, Twilight town, Radiant Garde , are part of daybreak town?
  13. I mean, not any confirmation or anything of that, there must be a reason why twilight mansion have unicorns all over it. Also the traitor inside the 5 forces of light could be ephimera?
  14. The Journal: Events that already occurred The Book of Prophecy: Events that will Occur Yen Sid Book: Events that are happening? What could be the conection between them? Those are 3 of the 5 Tomes?
  15. Anybody know where i can watch/dowload Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 cutscenes? (i can just found 358 and Recoded cutscenes in HD)
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